Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mini Haul

This month seems to be so long and I still don't get paid for another week. That being said I still managed to find a little bit of money this weekend to treat myself to some goodies.


I needed some more Healthy Mix Foundation and in Superdrug it was on 3 for 2! I also picked up the concealer and a gorgeous blusher, Lilas D'or. An added bonus was if you buy 3 products you get some free sunglasses, score! Not sure if I will wear them much but I thought it was worth it for the cute glasses case alone.


 Boots have 3 for 2 of all hair care at the moment so I stocked up on my trusty Aussie. Time I went for Take The Heat as i have been using a lot of hair stylers at the minute. I love the 3 Minute Miricle Deep treatment, It really makes my hair feel so soft and makes me feel less guilty about the strain I put my Poor hair through!


A random find but this cute little set of draws were only £1! I can always use more storage and this will be great for storing jewellry, lipsticks, eyeshadows and any other little bits and bobs that currently have no home.

So not too much this weekend but enough to keep me happy. What have you been buying this weekend?


  1. I'm using healthy mix foundation at the min, great drug store foundation :) and Aussie products are always high on my list of must haves xx

    1. I really love the finish it gives its my fave at tho mo :) i want tro try the aussie leave in conditioner next maybe ill get that next week! x

  2. I have the other colour set of boxes! love them so handy for all my clips and bobble. I use the serum foundation :) x

    1. oo i will have to have a look next time a go, they were literally just there all by themselves! Ive heard good things about the serum, may have to have a look at it next x

  3. I love bourjois healthy mix foundation!


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