Monday, 21 January 2013

Sunday Funday: The Roast

Grilled Goat's Cheese with Roast Peppers, Raspberries and Rocket Salad
Slow Cooked Blade of Beef with Horseradish Mash and Roast Vegetables
The Polar Bear

Once again the weekend is over, why do those 2 days always go so fast!? Yesterday for me was a very indulgent. On the spur of the moment my house mate and I decided that a roast dinner was well and truly needed, I don’t know about you but this weather just makes me want something warm and comforting.
We went to one of our fave little restaurants which is conveniently only a 10 minute walk from our house, and for the mega deal of 2 courses for £10.95 you really can’t complain.

I opted for the goats cheese starter which was delicious but so filling! My eyes are always bigger than my belly and 1 course would have definitely been enough. The beef was just melt in your mouth gorgeous, slow cooked meats always have such a great taste but I felt like I'd put on about 2 stone afterwards!

I've been keeping up with my resolutions and been to the gym 3 times each week which I'm pretty proud that I've managed to stick to it. I've also still not had any alcohol through all of January and it’s really not bothered with me that much. With dinner I had 2 slim line tonics i think it still pretty much tastes like its got vodka in it so i don’t feel like I'm missing out, maybe ill end up t total after this!

Look at my hire car all camouflaged in the snow. What's the point in having a flashy new car to ride around in when it’s so snowy and slippy! I'm hoping my car will be back from the garage soon but its really made me think it might be time to upgrade. Why does everything cost so much money, sigh. Speaking of money its finally pay day on Friday for me yeeeeeeees!! What a long month it's been.

Hope you all had a great weekend and the snow isn't causing you too many problems. 


  1. Oh my look so good feeling hungry!

  2. That starter looks amazing! Such a bargain for both the meals as well! x

  3. Wow! I wish the quality of food was as good round here!, when we have offers in the restaurants its always microwave food!

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

  4. Ooo the food ♥ There's nothing like a Sunday roast when the weather is as cold and snowy as it is :)

    Eda ♥

  5. The soup I'm having for lunch is does not seem so appetising now - that starter :)

  6. Wow that goats cheese starter looks delicious yum xWould love for ou to come follow my blog at

  7. that food has made me feel soo hungry! ugh, my car was just like that today, such a pain getting it all off! xx

  8. The grilled goats cheese on peppers looks so so scrummy.. It's possibly one of my favourite things! xx

    The Littles.

  9. That meat looks amazing!! my husbands mouth would be watering if he saw it :)

    Anna x

  10. The food looks seriously amazing! :)

    I have a Fiesta - haven't enjoyed driving in this weather though, a lot of skidding and sliding about has been involved this past week xx

    Sarah @ xx

  11. That's goats cheese looks like something sent from heaven. Wow!


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