Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekend Post: Mini splurge

I had a cheeky little trip To Boots Superdrug and New Look this weekend and picked up these goodies.

Please excuse the bad lighting but the weather did not make it easy

Black shorts £14.99 // Sheer black shirt £16.99 both from New Look

MeMeMe skin Illuminators// Maybelline colour Tattoos Eternal Gold and On and On Bronze//Barry M Nail polish//Denman compact hairbrush//Johnsons eye make up remover pads

Moonbeam and Sunbeam by MeMeMe Cosmetics, I just couldn't decide which one I wanted the most so I got both

The Maybelline colour Tattoos are my absolute faves! I wore 'On and On Bronze' when I went out and it really doesn't budge! I'm really impressed with these the colours are so pigmented.  I picked these up in Boots as it was buy one get one half price. score

Barry M Berry Nail polish. Love the colour its perfect for summer

I needed a new hairbrush for my handbag and this one by Denman has a mirror attached, how handy, perfect to take on a night out too

Johnsons Eye Make up remover pads, I'd heard good things about these and they do exactly what they say on the tin.

Did you purchase any new products this weekend?

Time to chill out now with a cup of tea and Kit Kat Chunky, lovely :) Hope you all had a good weekend

Friday, 27 April 2012

Payday Wishlist

I've been paid! And that only means one thing. Pretty things! Its always typical I see everything I want when I have no money, so now I think I deserve a pay day splurge.
These are a couple of bits I've had my eye on.

 Will you be treating yourself this payday?

Oh and also Happy Friday!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Weekend Post, Food and Drink!

April is always such a busy month for me, so many birthdays and bank holidays my poor bank account just can't take it! It's always worth it though. This weekend for my friends birthday we went for a fabulous slap up meal (as well as a huge breakfast and hangover Indian takeaway!). My housemates and I also had a bit of a gathering at our house and I was in charge of making the punch!

Seafood Risotto//The Most Incredible lamb Ever//Birthday Panacotta

My Punch//Trout Pout//Cava for Breakfast

Needless too say, diet starts tomorrow!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Charlie x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Cross Fire

I picked up these two little beauties from Dorothy Perkins yesterday. I do love jewellry but I for some reason I seem to worry about it being too over the top or if it looks tacky, so I tend to keep it minimal and simple.

I'm not sure if I would wear these together in case its a bit of a cross overload, but I think there both really cute and can be worn for any occasion, nice and simple.

Bracelet £5.00 £2.50 (sale bargain!)
Ring £4

Hopefully one day I will man up and break out of my comfort zone and buy a big colourful ring!

Stay Perfect, Milan

This has got to be my favourite nail polish at the minute, I just love it! Milan by No7 is a fabulous iridescent pink colour with a silver shimmer through it. Its the perfect girly colour and it just makes my hands feel really pretty (is that weird??). Application is very easy and I only needed two coats to get the look that I was after.

I don't know about anyone else but I find nail polishes a bit of a bitch to photograph, especially when they have a shimmer to them, these photos just don't really do it the justice it deserves. So if you have time while your in Boots I think its worth a look

The one downfall this has (as with most glitter polishes) is its a nightmare to remove!!

No7 Stay Perfect nail polishes can be found in Boots for £7

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

More About Me

After reading a great post by Anna about starting a blog, I thought I should really talk a bit more about myself (not in a vain way!) just so people can get to know me a little better. Most of the blogs I enjoy reading come across as really approachable and you start to feel like you know them and can relate to them, hopefully one day I'd Like to think people think that about my blog.

Name: Charlotte, but most people call me Charlie
Age: 24
Star sign: Leo
Siblings: One sister

Hair Colour: Brunette
Eyes Colour: Hazel
Favourite Colour: I love navy at the moment
Glasses: Yes, I wear contact lenses everyday
Piercings: My ears pierced twice
Tattoos: None
Best feature: My eyelashes are naturally quite long, people always ask if I'm wearing false one when I'm not!
Worst feature: I'd really like a flatter stomach but I love food too much  

Things I like:
pretty dresses//mascara//Big hair//puppies//cocktails//sarcasm//cava//chicken jalfrezi//holidays//socialising//cheese//dancing//long necklaces//music//gym//beer pong//sunshine//cupcakes//sleep//football//uno

Things I dislike:
arrogance//pineapple on pizza//people that walk slow//early mornings//waiting for payday//rain//baked beans//spiders//Jack Daniels//my insecurities//crying//pineapple on gammon//mondays
So yeah thats me HI xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


So yesterday I was feeling pretty down about going back to work after a lovely long weekend off, I know it means I only have to work 4 days this week but I still had the post weekend depression. I decided to pain my nails black to reflect this. Nightshade by 17 Cosmetics

I suppose there is nothing really extra special to say about this, I mean...It's just black. It did only need 2 coats to completely cover my nails (which i didn't really mind considering I needed 4 coats for max factors Fantasy Fire!) Afterwards it covered it in 17 top glitter coat and I actually quite like it.

I actually got these as part of a free gift when I bought two 17 products but you can buy these from Boots for about £2.99 Each.

Have you ever tried and nail polish from 17?

Monday, 9 April 2012

Primarni Loot

Now if I'm completely honest I hate Primark shopping! It really stresses me out and turns me into a mad woman.  The amount of time I have walked in and then walked straight back out is ridiculous. There is usually clothes all over the floor and angry shoppers walking into each other trying to find the best bargains. I just do not have the patience for this.
However, I have found if you visit nice and early before the mad shoppers arrive, there is much more order and I can actually find clothes I like which are also in my size! So anyway here are a couple of bits that I have picked up.

White vest top with peter pan collar and cute buttons down the front. £6
Sheer burgundy and cream Polka dot shirt £8
Cream Lace Shirt £8 
Navy and wine Mini skirts £3 each
    I'm really loving shirts and pretty collars at the minute I think they can look great in the daytime or at night. I like to team mine with a body con skirt, black tights and heels. The skirts are just great pieces which can be worn all year round and at £3 each are such a bargain! 

    Hope you are all enjoying bank holiday Monday!

    Sunday, 8 April 2012

    Charlie's Diary #1

    Pub Garden//New Nails//Harvester//Team//Hangover Cure//Drinks//Moi//Beautiful Skin//Club//New Dress//Facebase//Dance Dance

    Saturday, 7 April 2012

    No7: I do love a voucher

    Don't we all just love those No 7 Vouchers? So last week I picked up these beauties

    Vital Enlightening Highlighting Powder//Quick Thinking Wipes//Foaming Cleanser

    So far so good with all the products, I'll probably do a review of the cleanser when I've been using it a bit longer. The face wipes just do the job. My favourite purchase has to be the highlighter, its the first highlighter I have actually owned and its just so pretty! 

    would you recommend anything from the Boots No7 Range?

    Bank Holiday Madness

    Who doesn't love a four day weekend!? Thursday Night was just used as an excuse to go and dance and socialise. For Christmas I was given some Topshop vouchers so I purchased this gorgeous dress from the Wal G section which was perfect for the night.

     Unfortunately I was so busy getting ready I forgot to actually get some good photos of it (blogging newbie), so I must remember this in future! Any way heres a pic of the dress and my make up on the night.

    Hope you're all having a good weekend! x

    Wednesday, 4 April 2012

    Sorry for Party Rocking...

    With the bank holiday weekend just a day away, I thought I'd list a few songs that are in the chart right now which will guarantee me throwing some serious shapes on the dance floor.

    Nicki Minaj//Flo Rida//Jay-z and Kanye West//Plan B//David Guetta//Olly Murs//Rizzle Kicks//Chris Brown

    I cannot wait, I'm definitely in the party mood already just need to get work over with and hope the weather cheers up. what happened to the sun?!

    Tuesday, 3 April 2012

    Love it or Hate it?

    Well I LOVE it.

    As part of the Queens Jubilee the people Marmite are releasing a limited edition pack to celebrate, cleverly renamed 'Ma'amite' and I think its pretty damn cool.

    There is nothing better than toast with butter and Marmite for breakfast so this cute jar will be a welcome addition to my cupboard.

    Seventh Heaven

    Getting make-up to stay in place all day can be one of life's most frustrating tasks. The amount of times I've looked in the mirror at lunch time and thought 'Why did I even bother?' is ridiculous. My skin is combination/oily, around my nose and chin is where my problem areas are, so I'm constantly on the look out for different foundations, primers, setting sprays and powders.

    Finally I think I'm onto a winner with Seventh Heaven Enriched Moisturising Facebase by MeMeMe cosmetics. I love this product. Firstly I think the packaging is great, it has a very sleek and sophisticated look to it which makes it look more high end than it actually is.

    The product itself is lovely, it is very fragranced with lemon, orange and lime, which i know can put some people of but once it's rubbed into the skin the scent wares off. The consistency is quite creamy but it's not heavy at all.

    I apply this everyday after my moisturiser then leave it to sink into my skin for about 3-5 minutes. After a few minutes my skin already looks so much brighter and more healthy. When I apply my foundation on top I do feel it gives it quite a flawless finish. This manages to keep my foundation in place for the majority of my day while I'm at work, If I'm going out in the evening I tend to re apply anyway so I don't really mind that.

    Seventh Heaven Face base costs £15 which may seem a bit pricey but a I found a little goes a long way. I bought mine just after christmas with a voucher and it's still going strong. I will definitely be repurchasing this.

    MeMeMe Cosmetics can be found in Superdrug. Have you tried anything from this range?

    Fantasy Fire

    Over the past few months I have developed a bit on an obsession with nail varnish, the more glitter, the better in my eyes. I'm usually quite impatient when it comes to painting my nails and letting them dry, I get so so restless and then think of 101 jobs that I 'need' to do, which then results in them smudging or chipping and me getting angry! Luckily I think i'm coming out of that phase now and have realised if i'm just that little bit more patient the result is so much better (common sense eh?).

    Anyway, while I was browsing the stands in Boots I came across the most gorgeous colour from Max Factor, number 45, Fantasy Fire.

    The colour is a fantastic bright purple that has a gold shimmer in the light. I think this colour is perfect for summer, it's so pretty and I just cant stop looking at my nails while im weaing it. Ive had quite a few complimets on them at work as well which is always nice. The photos don't quite do the colour justice but you can still make out the gold and pink shimmer tones.

    (Sorry the pictures aren't the best quality I don't have one of these fancy cameras yet)

    The only slight quibble I have with this product is that it does need at least 3 or 4 coats to get the desired look, which isn't a problem if you have plenty of time but not if your in a rush (or a bit impatient like me).  It's also quite small so i'm not sure how long it will last especially if I need to use at least 4 coats at a time.

    You can buy this nail polish from Boots and Superdrug for £3.99.

    Monday, 2 April 2012


    So this is the awkward first post where I'm not really sure what to write...

    I've been of a bit of a blog stalker for a while now so thought it was about time I took the plunge and try it for myself.

    I feel like I've hit a bit of a mid twenties life crisis so I will pretty much be using this as somewhere I can ramble on about anything and everything from make-up to clothes, food and just life in general.

    Please bare with me though, after writing this I've realised it could take me quite a while to get the hang of!

    Oh we go!


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