Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas Catch Up and Present Sneak Peak

Hi guys! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, can you believe it’s all over already? I’m really enjoying having some time off work; I've managed to catch up with so many of my friends and family which is what it’s all about.

I spent Christmas day rounds my parents and devoured the biggest dinner, as I’m sure the rest of you did too! You absolutely can’t beat Christmas dinner roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and not forgetting the brussel sprouts! No matter how much we all ate there was still so much left, I’m still on turkey sandwiches now!

My boyfriend and I travelled down to see his parents on Boxing Day and demolished another huge dinner, yes diet will start 1st Jan. It was so nice to get away for a few days; we had no phone signal which was a bit of a bonus because my boyfriends work is always calling him so it was nice to have some peace!
I thought I’d show you a sneak peak of some of the presents I got and as you can see from the photos I was spoiled. No matter how much you yell people not to buy you things people are always so generous at Christmas.

I was so excited to receive the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle from my sister, I've been eyeing this up for a while so let out a little scream when I got it.

One of the gifts I received from my parents was a Clarins wash bag full of goodies including the Instant Smooth primer which I've read so many great reviews on! They also got me a camera and I’m so excited to get snapping with it.

Now I don’t like to pick favourites but the one thing that made my jaw drop to the floor was my Ipad from the boy, I couldn't believe it! I actually love it it’s like my little baby and I am SO grateful for it!

For NYE I think my friends and I are gonna throw a little dinner party with lots of food wine and party games, It's not as wild as some I've had in the past but I think as long as you spend it with the people you want then you’re bound to have a good time, is that a sign I'm getting old?

How was your Christmas? What are your New Years Eve plans?

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Stars of 2012

I can't believe I'm writing this post as not too sure where 2012 has gone! Nevertheless I thought I would put together a post dedicated to those products that I have had a love affair with this year.

Since this time last year my skincare routine has had a radical makeover, long gone are the days where I can only be bothered to use face wipes to remove my make up, oh no, I'm an absolute skincare fiend! These are the products I believe that have transformed my skin this year.

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser. After receiving a sample size of this I've never looked back, the formula is so gentle it leaves my skin feeling great. I use this every morning and if you have oily/combination skin I cannot recommend this enough.

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser. Who knew you could find such a fantastic high street version of Liz Earle! I am a fan of Liz Earle Cleanse and polish don't get me wrong, but this stuff works exactly the same and is bigger and cheaper. I use this every night and it removes every scrap of make up.

No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask. Another No7 product but I had to include it. An essential for pampering my skin I cannot tell you how ridiculously velvety soft this leaves my skin feel, its like an exfoliator and mask in one, you really need to try it to understand the level of softness I'm talking about here. I love it, I use this about twice a week for a little skin treat.

Caudalie Beauty Elixr. A product that I was so hesitant to buy but can no longer live without. I love a multi purpose product and this is great as a toner, for setting your make up and for just giving my skin a boost through out the day.

Liz Earle Moisturiser  I love this stuff, I use if every night and it really helps my skin recover while I'm sleeping. I also use this before I do my make up to go out in the evening to really prep my skin.

Make Up

As with skincare my make up routine has had a massive re vamp, priming my skin? Applying foundation with a brush? Thank goodness I found the light.

MUA Undressed Palette. An amazing alternative to the Urban Decay Naked palette. MUA eyeshadows really are among the best out there, they are so pigmented and easy to blend, I cant actually remember when I reached for another Palette.

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Moisturising Facebase. I have tried a few different high street primers but this little pot of loveliness wins hands down. It smells delicious and holds my make up in place for the majority of my day

Max Factor Eye Brigtening Mascara. I do love a mascara and has to be my favourite of the year. Its fantastic at creating volume and length but doesn't clump, leaving you with lovely luscious lashes.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush. This has probably been the most significant change in my make up routine. I use this brush to apply my foundation and it gives a completely flawless finish. I could never go back to just applying with my fingers and if you don't own this brush, why not!!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. This will cover your blemishes. Fact. For £4.19 its a wonderful product that I can't live without.

Hopefully while you are reading this I am in a Country pub, snuggled up by a log fire with a glass of mulled wine. I hope you had a great Christmas and got lots of new beauty products you cant wait to post about!

Monday, 24 December 2012

The Christmas Tag

This Picture is from my local village, you know its Christmas when the reindeer lights come out!

I'm feeling so Christmassy today so here's the Christmas Tag created by Georgina .

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

It’s so hard to pick just one thing, from having my first mince pie to having time off from work just to spend time with my family and friends. And who can forget that Roast dinner!

2. What is your favourite make up look for festive the season?

I'm loving the natural look with a bold lip. You also can’t beat glitter nail polish.

3. Real tree or fake tree?

Fake. I live with my friend and oh my god I can’t imagine the chaos if we had a real tree in our house. We are quite impatient anyway so having to pick up the needles and bits that fall off  the tree winds me up just thinking about it haha.

4. Giving presents or receiving presents?

Obviously everyone loves to receive gifts, but the look on someone’s face is priceless when they open something you gave them and you can see how much they appreciate it.

5. Do you open presents Christmas morning or evening

Always in the morning. Everyone is usually in there pyjamas and fluffy slippers with a cuppa and we try and take it in turns to open one present each.

6. Handmade Christmas cards or bought?

I am the most un artistic person ever, I think a five year old making a card out of dried pasta would do a better job! So I'm afraid I buy them.

7. What is your favourite Christmas film?

It’s not Christmas until I've seen The Snowman and Santa Claus The Movie, oh and Home Alone! I also love Love Actually, gotta love a bit of romance at Christmas.

8. What's your favourite Christmas food?

I love mince pies, but it has to be my mums roast potatoes; I could eat them all day.

9. What's your favourite Christmas song?

A bit cheesy but Mariah Careys All I Want For Christmas Is you. It just reminds me of being out with my friends having a dance and being all festive.

10. What's your favourite Christmas memory?

One of the best things is playing games with my family at night. One yeah when we were playing charades my cousins girlfriend has to act out ‘Broke Back Mountain’, well let’s just say the actions were hilarious, my Grandma didn't know where to look!

Right then guys I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and eat as much as possible. I'm going for lunch with my friends today; it’s our Christmas eve tradition to have a bottle of prosecco and wear Christmas jumpers. I'm not ashamed to say I will probably be up ridiculously early like a child tomorrow and I can’t wait. On Boxing Day I'm off down to see my boyfriend’s family and we are having a few days away to relax. Keep your eye out for a few scheduled posts as the signal down there isn't great, I’ll see you in the New Year!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Charlie's Diary

Secret Santa ♥ Dinner with the Girls ♥ Quiet Night In ♥ Freezing! ♥ Cupcake ♥ Sushi Lunch ♥ Pre Christmas Party Drink ♥ Hangover Food ♥ Present Wrapping

Hi Guys! It's Christmas eve eve! Haha I think I'm more excited than a child I just love this time of year! Anyway here's a quick catch up with what I've been up to lately.

Firstly how cold has it been! I couldn't believe it when the dashboard said -2, apparently one morning my dad said it was -4! I know its winter and to be expected but I absolutely hate de-icing my car in the morning, I tend to cheat and use the kettle to save time.

Let’s move on to Christmas! My office needs no excuse to bring in treats, but you just can’t escape them at the minute. The best thing I had was the gorgeous chocolate cupcake, the gold balls fell off everywhere but it was delicious. I also got my Secret Santa present and received wine and a selection box…someone knows me pretty well!

Last weekend was my Christmas party and the Apple Sourz before we went didn't last long! My hangover the next day was awful but made a lot better with a chicken, bacon and cheese burger with curly fries!

I also went out for dinner with the girls in a cute little country pub and had a steak which was to die for, medium rare with peppercorn sauce, yes please!

Also this week I finished my shopping and wrapped all my presents so I’m all prepared for the big day.
Tonight me and my friends are going out for ‘Pudding Club’, which is amazing as it sounds we go out somewhere specifically for a gossip and something sweet. Then I’m off round my boyfriends to get in my pyjamas and snuggle in front of the tv, we have already watched the last episode of Homeland but we might just watch it again. The best thing is a lie in tomorrow, I love being off work!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Nails

No7 Damson Dream and Ciate Ladylike Luxe

Hi Ladies! I'm in such a good mood as it's my last day of work until the second of January! My presents are wrapped, cards are wrote and I have a stash of mince pies to last me until next year. I am fully prepared for Christmas.

Damson Dream is a colour has frequented my nails this fall season and I'm still not tired of it. I thought this would be the perfect shade for my Christmas party but I felt it just needed that extra bit of oompf to make it extra special.

My sister has splurged on the Ciate Advent calendar so I took full advantage to borrow Ladylike Luxe to create my festive nails, what are sisters for right?

After asking on Twitter weather I should do a gold or red accent nail the general feedback was that the gold would look better as an accent nails and I have to agree I think all gold may have looked a bit tacky.

I must say I have really been impressed with the quality of the Ciate polish, while my Damson Dream is chipping away my Gold Ladylike Luxe finger is still going strong and I only used one coat, so maybe the saying you get what you pay for is applicable here.

What do you think? What colour will your nails be this Christmas?

Have you got much time off over Christmas?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Outfit Post: My Christmas Party Look

Liz Earle Moisturiser
MeMeMe Moisturising Face Base
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation shade 53 
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium
Caudalie Beauty Elixr

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Peach Glow
Accessorize Baked Blush in Scandal
MeMeMe Moonbeam Highlighter

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner
MUA Undressed Palette shade 2 and 4
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze
Bourjois White Eye shadow in Corners
L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer mascara for Hazel Eyes 
Elf Eyebrow Palette in Dark

MUA Lipstick Shade 2

Saturday night was my Christmas party but no glamorous dressing up for me oh no, our theme was Christmas Jumpers! Don't even get me started on my Christmas jumper it was so hard to find! Usually I see them everywhere and so many people said the best ones were in Primark but I had no luck. I'm not sure whether I had just left it to the last minute but I was in such a grump when I couldn't find one.
I came across this penguin jumper in a cheap shop called Storm for about £12 so I snapped it up and luckily nobody else had the same one! I teamed this with a black bodycon skirt, black tights, shoe boots and black studded bag from Select.

With my make up I decided to go with a bold lip, I love this MUA lispstick and it's so perfect for Christmas  I think it went really well with my jumper. The L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Luminizer mascara for Hazel Eyes is my absolute fave for a night out, it's the absolute best mascara for giving length and dramatic volume. For My Hair I created loose curls with my GHD Straighteners.

A lot of wine was consumed and I danced like I thought I was a professional. My feet were killing me by the end of the night and just thinking about my headache the next morning is making me want to cry. Oh well, 'tis the season and all that.

Have you had your Christmas party yet?

I finished my present wrapping last night yay! I'm usually pretty awful at wrapping but because most of them were box shaped I actually don't think they look that bad. Only 3 days of work left bring it on. Have you finished your shopping/wrapping?

Monday, 17 December 2012

MUA Lipstick Shade 2

Shade 2

My lipstick mission continues. If you don’t know I have a bit of a bright lip phobia, I love reading lipstick posts but I kind of convinced myself I couldn't pull off statement colours, and that they just looked a bit trashy on me. I have been in awe of all of the gorgeous fall lip colours going around at the moment and while I couldn't bring myself to pay a lot for a lipstick that I may not even wear I figured MUA Cosmetics was the way forward. I love MUA eye shadows so why not give their lipstick a bash too? After all they are only £1!

I opted for Shade 2 which is a gorgeous light plum colour and I've got to say that I don’t know why I've never picked up one of these lipsticks before! The colour is very pigmented and leaves a lovely satin finish.  The formula is very creamy so it applies very easily and it doesn't dry out my lips and I actually don't think it looks that bad on me.

For £1 I really don’t think you can go wrong, I mean it’s only £1 people! I’d say they are definitely on a par with other high street lipstick brands.

You can purchase MUA products from Superdrug or on their website HERE.

What do you think? Have you tried any MUA lipsticks or would you recommend any more of their products?

Can you believe this time next week it will be Christmas eve! Eeeek I'm excited, just this horrible week of work left and then I'm off until the 2nd January what a treat. I'm still waiting for my last two Christmas presents to be delivered so hopefully they will arrive soon, I won't be happy until they are here and everything is wrapped. Have you got much time off over Christmas?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Hangover? What Hangover

'Never again!' Two words that I have said many a time. We all know the feeling, if only we had said no to that last glass of wine or had taken it easier on the shots we wouldn't be in this self inflicted mess right now.

Looking in the mirror the morning after the night before has often made me think what a state! How did I go from being dolled up to the nines to looking like I've been sleeping on the streets. Puffy eyes, dehydrated skin and a mouth as dry as the Sahara Desert are some of the horrible after effects of a night on the town.

Sometime a hangover is the perfect excuse to stay in bed with a bacon sandwich glass of water and headache tablets but sometimes, especially of the night is unplanned you need to be up and running errands. I got this idea off Rebecca's blog P0larMilk to show you how I try and hide my hangover. I can never be bothered/have enough time to do a full face but these products are essential to help take me from looking like a corpse to a kind of alive human being.

First of all I take the Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance eye cream to try and reduce the puffyness, Then I use the Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer to try and add a bit of life to my skin. I follow this with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation as I think it Gives a nice dewy finish or as the name suggests a 'Healthy' look. Next up is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which is great for hiding bags under my eyes, I then finish with a quick spritz of the Caudalie Beauty Elixr to set the foundation and hydrate my skin.

For eyes I heard that a nude eyeliner on the waterline is great for hiding any redness. As I dont own one of these yet I have opted for my Eyeko Eyeliner in powder pink (I got this in a Glossy Box and always wondered when it would come in handy!) I then use the Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara to make my eyes look awake.

And Voila, thats how I try to conceal my hangover. I thought this may come in handy as its Christmas party season and all.

Do you have a hangover routine? I would love to hear some of your tips!

I had my Christmas party Last Night and oh my god did I feel rough This morning! Luckily I didn't have anything to get up for, apart from hunting for something filthy to eat. Have you had your Christmas party yet?

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Beauty Bloggers Tag

Hi Ladies! Today's post is the Beauty Bloggers Tag which I have been tagged in by Jasmin and Kirsty over at Beauty is Perfection

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?

I discovered the world of beauty blogging about this time last year, but it wasn't until April that I first hit the 'publish' button. I have always had a love for everything girly, but back in April I was in a bit of a rubbish place so starting a blog seemed like a great idea to keep myself busy and I've never looked back. It was also something to try and build my confidence and I think I'm getting there. 

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?

I think it was Anna's from 'Vivianna Does Makeup', this girl could literally make me want to buy a plastic bag. I love how passionate she is about products and she just seemed very genuine. Her blog is beautifully written with great clear photos and is one that I continue to check regularly. 

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?

Liz Earle and yes.When I first discovered blogging you couldn't escape the hot cloth cleanser hype, I'd never used a cleanser like it so I was immediately sold. I love the Liz Earle skincare range, the ingredients are all natural so you know you aren't harming your skin, its not too expensive and the customer service is excellent.  I haven't got a bad word to say and would definitely recommend her line.

What are your favourite five things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?

♥  Products! It's so good being able to read other peoples thoughts about products before going out and spending my hard earned money on them. If I'm after something new you can guarantee you will find great reviews which will help push you in the right direction.

♥ The people. I know its cheesy but everyone is so friendly, I love chatting with people on twitter. A lot of my friends don't share the same cosmetics obsession as me so its great to know there is a whole community out there that who get excited about the same things I do

♥ Posting. I find it really satisfying pressing publish, even if its the smallest post I always have a sense of achievement when its done. If I get comments I get so excited that people have actually taken the time to read my posts and go to the effort of commenting, it makes me smile.

♥ Photographs. I love taking photos and editing them, I will take photos of anything from food to scenery to products, for me it's one of the most fun parts of blogging. 

♥ Purchasing! Who doesn't love shopping and buying new things?

What have you learned from being a beauty blogger?

Oh god, where to start! Well it has become very clear to me that I spend a lot more money that I should on cosmetics haha.

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?
Yes, I now apply my foundation with a brush, I'm not sure how I managed to apply it with out one! And the importance of taking your make up off at night. DO IT!

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?

Its your blog, make sure it represents you. Don't just write about a nail varnish just because everyone else is, I like to hear passion and excitement about a something don't just jump on the bandwagon for the sake of it. I also like nice big pictures but that's just my personal preference.

Name your top five brands!

Oooo at the moment i'd say:
♥ Max Factor
♥ Liz Earle
♥ No7
♥ Bourjois
♥ Avene

Recommend your top five favourite beauty products!

This changes all the time but I'm currently loving:
♥ Caudalie Beauty Elixr
♥ No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser
♥ MUA Undressed Palette
♥Accessorize Blush in Scandal
♥ Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara

Have you done this tag?

I'm so happy its Friday, a whole weekend of no work and its my Christmas Party tomorrow I'm really looking forward to it, we are all wearing Christmas Jumpers! I'm also just waiting on 2 presents being delivered and then my Christmas shopping is finished! Hopefully they will come today fingers crossed. What are you doing this weekend? 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Nails: A bit of Sparkle

Photobucket Photobucket
Elizabeth Street and Rose Quatz Glitter

I might sound like a stereotypical girl here but I love pink and I love glitter so this combination is absolutely perfect for me.

I picked up Elizabeth Street by Nails Inc while it was free with Glamour magazine. Ive never used Nails Inc before as they usually retail at about £11 which I never really thought that I could justify so to pick this up for just £2 is an amazing saving.

I used two coats of Elizabeth Street to get it opaque and I am SO impressed with the staying power I think it was day 4/5 when it started to chip which I thought was a miracle seeing as mine are usually off within 2 days. If the rest of the Nails Inc Polishes have the same staying power as this then i would definitely but another one.

Rose Quartz Glitter by Barry M has to be one of my favourite nail polishes I've ever had. I won this in andpeaches giveaway and as soon as I opened the parcel I was just like WOW. The glitter looks a bit like crystals which add a real touch of glamour, I have named these my Princess nails as they make me feel like I'm a princess haha is that sad? I just love looking at them and have had so many complements on them. If your a fan of glitter polish or are looking for something to glam up your look then this is the one! Barry M nail polishes are usually £2.99 so you really can't go wrong.

What do you think? Are you a fan of  adding a bit of glitter?

Monday, 10 December 2012

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

Being a skincare junkie I am constantly browsing for new cleansers so when those glorious No7 Vouchers were around I snapped up the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser . 

Since my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish ran out I have been using this every night to remove my make up and I have to say I'm very impressed. 

Like most hot cloth cleansers this one’s comes with a muslin cloth, you apply the product to dry skin to melt away your days make up, then run the cloth under had hot water to remove it. I find one pump is more than enough; the creamy formula is very gentle but still very effective and will even remove your eye makeup. I tend to remove most of my eye makeup before I use this though just to stop the cloth getting to grubby.

I love how this leaves my skin feeling so clean, the thought of going to sleep with my make up on now is horrifying, and then I would wondered why I get spots? Seriously, this takes about 2 minutes and is totally worth it.

The product retails at £9.95 comes in a 200ml tube making it excellent value for money, even better if you can get your hands on a £5 off voucher, I think I made mine last about 3 months or so. If you’re looking for a purse friendly cleanser that works just as well as the high end versions then I cannot recommend this bad boy enough.

What’s your favourite cleanser? 

Why does the weekend go so fast? Had such a mad one, I went out with the girls on Friday night which was so much fun, then yesterday my boyfriend and I travelled the 2 1/2 hour journey down to see his parents for our first Christmas get together. So much food and wine and a nice catch up with people we haven't seen for a while. Its really got me in the Christmas Spirit and I Can't wait for the big day to come! What have you been up to this weekend?

Friday, 7 December 2012

Beauty Blogging Influenced Products

Oh hi bandwagon, mind if I jump on? The products above are no strangers to the blogging world and while I have always loved trying new products and buying pretty things there are a few items that I have purchased just because other bloggers say they are A-ma-zing.

Liz Earle was the first brand I discovered through blogging. I couldn’t believe how many different blogs raved over her skin care, I’d never even heard of a hot cloth cleanser before and the concept really excited me. Last Christmas my sister got me the Daily Essentials kit and I completely fell in love. My favourite product would have to be the skin repair moisturiser, I use this every night and I love how it makes my skin feel. Next I really want to try the Eyebright and Deep Cleansing Mask, any more suggestions?

Ahh the Caudalie Beauty Elixr, never have I changed my mind about a product so many times! At first I didn’t really want to like it, then I did, then I thought  didn’t but at the moment I love this product, I use it after applying my foundation but before my powder and I think it gives my make up a really natural finish. I also find the scent really relaxing; it definitely has a safe place in my everyday routine.

MAC 215, Sigma f65, I’m sorry what? Make up brush numbers confuse the hell out of me I don’t know what number I need for my eyes!? Enter Real Techniques, the best value for money make up brushes ever. Fact. I adore these, the brushes are name so it’s pretty self-explanatory what they are for and they are colour coded; orange for your base, purple for eyes, and pink for a perfect finish. While these brushes are around I have no need to purchase any others.

I think beauty boxes are a great way to find new products and brands so when I heard about Glossy Box and saw some of the products people were receiving I immediately signed up. I did receive a couple of gems in my boxes including a Deborah Lippman nail polish and Burberry lipstick but after a few months I unsubscribed. I just found that half the products I received I haven’t used and I couldn’t justify spending £12 a month on sample perfumes and mini shower gels. I still enjoy reading other people received in their boxes but no product has really jumped out at me and don’t think I will be signing up to another box again soon.

I've only recently joined in on the Essie hype, after reading post after post about the colour Mint Candy Apple I kinda got a bit put off, the excitement just wasn't really there for me. However show me it a discounted price and I'm there. After purchasing some from Fragrance Direct I can see why everyone loves them, gorgeous colours and great staying power. I still haven't cracked and bought Mint Candy Apple though haha.  

Do you own any of these products? What products have bloggers influenced you to buy?

I'm so happy its Friday, I'm of out on the town with my friends tonight so it may get a bit messy. I have headache tablets at the ready for tomorrow morning! Bad news is I've woke up and pretty much lost my voice, this might please some but I'm feeling very sorry for myself :( 5 o'clock needs to hurry so I can finish work. I'm so close to finishing my Christmas Shopping too, just a couple of bits left for my mother and then I can rest. What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Food Porn: Portuguese Taster Menu

Caldo Verde soup - cabbage and potato
Bacalau - baked salt fish, potato, and olives
Bifina - spiced pork cutlets
Piri-piri chicken with harissa cous-cous with potato crisp
Egg Custard

At the beginning of most months my friends and I take a trip to one of our local restaurants where they put on a 5 course taster menu, this time was Portuguese. I have never been to Portugal before so had no idea what to expect, some one did say 'Isn't Nandos Portuguese?' so we had a sneaky feeling Piri Piri Chicken would make an appearance. God job I'm a big fan!

The soup at these meals is always delicious and this one was no exception, what made it even better was the cheeky pieces of chorizo that were hiding in there! Chorizo makes everything better. The fish was nice but having the olives in it was quite strange, I do love olives but I just didn't think they were needed for this dish.
Pork isn't my favourite meat but the tomato salsa that came with it was so tasty I think I probably ate it in 3 mouthfuls!

The piri piri chicken needs no words, amazing. I'd never tasted an egg custard before but if there all like this then I would definitely have another.

Each course also came with a glass of wine which had been matched to the dish and I've realised I'm such a lightweight when it comes to wine! By the third course I had that tipsy smile which was making my cheeks hurt haha, overall another lovely evening.

Is it the weekend yet? I always find the weeks go so slow when you have things to look forward too, girls night out on Friday should be fun! I really need to cut down on my spending though, I know a lot of it has been on xmas presents but payday seems so far away I'm pretty much gonna be on basic rations until then at this rate! Have you got all of your shopping done yet?


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Charlie's Diary

Night In ♥ Saturday Night Face   Posh Hangover Food  The Reason for my Headache  Surprise from the Buy  Cheese   Pudding Club   Panda Pyjamas   Pink Bubbly

Hi Ladies, Today I thought it was about time for a bit of a catch up and showed you a few of my Instagram Photos. I've had quite a lot going on this last month but there is always room to find time for food and wine.

We had our first dinner party in our new pad and what was supposed to be a civilised affair resulted in us polishing of about 12 bottles! Obviously this was the cause of  my pounding headache the next morning and I find the best way to cure a hangover is with food. Randomly, my hangover craving was for smoked salmon so I had that with scrambled eggs and spinach on toast and it worked a treat.

My Boyfriend surprised me with flowers at the weekend which was absolutely lovely and really cheered up my awful day. Funny how every time I mentioned that he got me some flowers everyone said 'Why, what has he done?', which really made me laugh, surely romance isn't dead?

I am Loving my new Panda print Pyjamas which I picked up on a Primark trip, they are so cute and for £5 I just couldn't resist.

How good does that chocolate fudge cake look!? I'm not usually a pudding person give me savoury any day,  but on Sunday evening I met up with a couple of the girls for a catch up we had all already eaten dinner so our dessert was justified. Was such a relaxing way to spend our Sunday evening,

I was lucky enough to win the Vaseline Pink Bubbly in a giveaway over on the lovely Kelly Marie's Blog andpeaches (go check it out now) and I have been using it since it arrived. Its amazing how a bit of glamour can make Vaseline so much more exciting. I've also just painted my Nails with the polish she sent me too so expect a post on that soon because they look amazing!

Apart from that it's just been the usual working everyday, woke up thinking it was Wednesday this morning what a wounder. I cant wait to have some time off at Christmas and just relax. I've just got a Couple more presents to buy then I can just enjoy Christmas and indulge in a mulled wine or two.

What have you been up to latley?

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Monday, 3 December 2012

I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right

Studded Strap Ankle Boots

Ooooo new shoes! Well, boots but I am in love with them. I have been after a new pair of boots for a while and I purchased these beauties from New Look while they were running their 25% off offer, it would be rude not to, right?

A classic black with a studded strap, I'm a bit stud obsessed at the moment; I love to give a girly outfit a bit of a rock edge. The small heel makes them great for everyday wear and I think these will be perfect to wear with jeans or a dress with black tights. As well as looking good they are also very comfortable, so they will be seeing a lot of my feet throughout these cold months.

These boots retail for £27.99 but I picked them up for the very purse friendly price of £20.99.

How was your weekend? I finally made a dent in the old Christmas shopping and picked up a few lovely bits for myself in Primark so I consider that a successful trip. Does anyone want to wrap my presents for me? I think a two year old can do a better job than I can!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Nails: Risky Red

Risky Red by 17

I always think there is something quite glamorous about a red nail. I remember when I was younger I would watch my mum paint her nails and longing to grow up faster so I could wear the same colour, I used to think it was so grown up and ladylike. Red is a classic and with Christmas just around the corner there’s not a more perfect time to wear it.

I got Risky Red by 17 Cosmetics as part of a gift set last year and for whatever reason I have just never gotten around to using it. I don’t own any other polishes by 17 but that is definitely going to change.

These polishes retail at about £2.99 and I'm very impressed with the quality, the photos above were taken after only one coat and it is completely opaque. The brush is a good size and allows for smooth application and it lasted a good 2 days before it started to chip, but I change my nail polish quite regularly so it was as long as I needed.

Overall I think this is a lovely little polish and great value for money. Have you tried any 17 polishes?

Not gonna lie I'm feeling a bit rough today, I went for a meal with my friends last night and I think the red wine and I bonded a little too well, well so I thought I felt like I was being kicked in the head this morning! Today is definitely a pyjamas day, shame I have a lot of cleaning to do. Enjoy your Sunday.

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