Friday, 9 November 2012

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara Volume and Curl

2000 Calorie Volume and Curl

This mascara is thanks to the wonderful world of twitter! I don’t know how many times I retweet posts in order to win some goodies; usually I lose and convince myself it’s a fix, but not this time!

 My jaw about hit the floor when I got a tweet saying I had won the 2000 Calorie Volume and Curl mascara, a prize that is right up my street. I love mascara and Max Factor and definitely up their within my favourite mascara brands. What’s even more of a bonus is that this is one Max Factor mascara that I’d never tried before.

The brush is like no other I own, it is curved to create dramatic volume and it did take me a while to get used to. Once I found out what angle the brush worked best for my lashes I was onto a winner.

I'm really impressed how the brush managed to separate and lengthen my lashes. I prefer to use this as an evening mascara as I like to keep my eyes simple during the day.

My only gripe is that I did find it easy to end up with the product around my eyes, but that its probably just down to me getting used to the brush.

I'm very please to have had the chance to try this mascara but I don't think I will be repurchasing this as my love for Max Factors Eye Brightening and their Masterpiece Max mascaras are too great. It is however, a welcome addition to my Max Factor collection and one I will continue to enjoy using.

What do you think?

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  1. I haven't tried this one, but I too am a big fan of their other Mascaras. The brush sounds a bit gimmicky to me as I don't have a problem using non-curled brushes to get curl and volume! Will probably give this one a miss, thanks for reviewing it! x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Yeah I agree my other mascaras do the job just as well with a normal brush xx

  2. I love maxfactor mascaras! I really like the maxfactor masterpiece max! <3
    this is lovely though! :D
    hareem xx

    1. yeah i love masterpiece max one of my all time faves x

  3. I have just bought the original 2000 calorie mascara and I love it! I may need to try this one now too :) x

    1. ha why not! im tempted to try the original too x

  4. I haveee to try this! You've got gorgeous eyes xxx

  5. I've been eyeing this up might have to try it now! your eyelashes are so long im jealous! xx


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