Friday, 25 May 2012

Who ate all the Pies..?

..Me. Well not all of them but the majority! This past month I have been a bit of a social butterfly, meeting up with friends for drinks, going out for meals, a silly amount of birthday parties and now the weather is nice its BBQ season! (I also have a new man on the scene so nights in with takeaway and snacks are happening a lot more than they normally would!) 

All of this food and drink is now starting to take toll and I am developing a bit of a 'spare tyre' around my middle. I'm not really over weight but could do with shedding about half a stone (7lbs) just to feel a bit better about myself. I'm also going on holiday at the start of August so I would like to be a bit more confident and be able to treat myself to some new bikinis.

I'm not going to say I'm going on a diet because that's just setting me up for a fail, it's more about making healthy choices. I actually think the summer is a great time to be healthy, in this weather theres nothing better than a salad while sitting outside! I think my main obstical is the beer garden, alcohol contains so many calories and drinks like cider can be so bloating, then they make me wanna snack and before I know it I've ordered sauasage and chips from the chippie!

So the plan:
  • Cut down on bread and starchy Carbs
  • Swap drinks like Cider for Vodka and slimline tonic (or no alcohol if possible, but one step at a time!)
  • Visit the gym at least 3 times a week
  • No late night snacking
  • 30 day shred

I have just purchased a copy of this  after hearing such good reviews and it only takes 20 minutes. You can buy this from Amazon for £4.99. Bargain.

I know I have really rambled on a lot here but im hoping that by writing it down it will help keep me motivated!

I would love to hear if any one has any health and fitness tips, are you doing anything to get that summer body?


  1. I need to lose my pregnancy weight and im completley useless at dieting so im just trying to cut out some things as well and I bought the 10 minute solution ultimate boot camp from Amazon a few weeks ago, it's still in it's wrapper though haha im terrible!
    Good luck :) x

    1. Ha i know its trying to find and keep the motivation! really gonna try this time! good luck! X


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