Thursday, 5 June 2014

The A-Z of Me Tag

The A-Z of Me Tag

It seems a bit vain doing a tag all about me but I think it's nice to get to know the blogger behind the keyboard. As your reading this I am hopefully catching some rays, sipping a cocktail or having a swim in the sea, yeah that's right I'm on holiday in Mexico! The picture above is from my holiday to Florida last year and it sums me up quite nicely that I like sunshine and animals, this little pig was so grumpy I just wanted to cuddle him.

A. Age - 26

B. Bed Size-  Double

C. Cats – Cute but I prefer Dogs

D. Drink of choice – Red Wine not too much just a nice glass every so often to relax, or a nice cup of tea

E. Essential to start your day – A shower, I can’t wake up without one

F. Favourite Colour – at the minute Burgundy but it changes all the time

G. Guilty pleasure – Made in Chelsea, half the time I cringe at the awkwardness but I can't help but love it

H. Height – 5’8, wish I was a bit smaller so I could wear high shoes

I. Indulgence – Melted cheese, have you event baked a Camembert and had it with crusty bread? You should its incredible.

J. Job – I have a full time office job and a part time pub job

K. Kids – Not yet please

L. Life is incomplete without - Cheese

M. Music – Love it, I like to think of myself as the 6th member of The Saturdays

N. Nicknames – Charlie (my Real name is Charlotte) or the boy sometimes calls me sausage :/

O. Overnight stays in hospital – Never. I don’t actually get ill, which worries me because I think one day I will get hit by something big!

P. Pet peeves – When people choose to add pineapple to their gammon instead of egg. 

Q. Quote - Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new -Albert Einstein

R. Right or left handed - Right.

S. Season - Summer! Bring on those barbecue's!

T. Tea – milk, no sugar…I'm sweet enough ;) 

U. Unknown fact about me? – I once met Gordon Ramsay when I worked in a hotel; he looked at me and said ‘Hi’. It was a great moment

V. Vegetable you love – anything green and crunchy, like mange tout. I like Broccoli too and love mushy peas do they count? 

W. Worst habit – using sarcasm when I shouldn't

X. X-rays – I've had one at the dentist I think, but I have been lucky enough to have never broken a bone!

Y. Your favourite hobby – The Gym, bit of a boring one but I really enjoy it. My boyfriend and I have also started playing badminton and that's such a giggle.

Z. Zoo Animal – I quite like those massive tortoise’s that don’t really do a lot, I always wonder what they must be thinking, I bet they wish they could move. And who doesn't love a monkey? 

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