Monday, 18 August 2014

A Healthy Balanced Lifestyle

First of all apologies for the lack of posts recently, life has once again taken over but it’s all good.

Today I wanted to talk about a healthy lifestyle. I am always trying to be healthy and make sensible choices when it comes to food and the majority of times I am successful. However there are obviously times when things slip, I’m only human after all and for me usually the slip happens at a weekend. Whether it’s going out for a few drinks with the girls, date night with my boyfriend or just general laziness, my hard work for the week has usually been undone by Sunday night when I’m feeling horribly sluggish and stupidly sorry for myself. Then the whole cycle re starts Monday morning. I’m hoping some of you can relate to this.

Anyway to help keep me on track I have decided to create a health Instagram account to try and keep me motivated throughout the weekend and not ruin everything by eating a bag of chips that I don’t event really want. Of course I’m not going to give up all treats or stop socialising but I just want to try and make as many heathy choices as possible meaning that if I do go out for a curry Saturday night I won’t have that horrible feeling of guilt after.

The above picture is some of the yummy creations that I have been posted on my Instagram, you can find me over at Charliesprogress if you fancy a peak. I have found since starting this account that not only  has kept me more motivated but also a made bit more adventurous with what I eat so I’m not just posting the same old salad every day. I like to make my food as colourful as possible so that means as much veggies as I can pack in.

I’ve also started experimenting more with breakfasts at the weekend, hello flourless pancakes! I also have been posting my cheat meals so you can see the pizza I ate when we went for an Italian and the incredible steak from last Fridays date night.

I’m not sure if this post has been of any interest to anyone but it’s something that I have been enjoying doing lately and hopefully it might inspire some people to be a bit more creative with cooking.

Do you try to stay healthy? Is there any Instagram accounts you would recommend for motivation?


  1. This is exactly the sort of thing I've been looking for! Going to follow you right now! xx


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