Wednesday, 15 January 2014


My first post of 2014! Where the hell did 2013 go? I know they say as you get older the years fly by but seriously, where did it go!?

I’ve loved reading everyone’s 2013 blog posts the good and bad, and looking back at mine I can’t moan. The highlight most definitely being my holiday to Disneyland in Florida, it was so good so just get away and be a big kid, its somewhere I definitely want to go again in the future.

My career picked up and I got great job in events, not gonna lie this has been a lot of work but to feel I am actually getting somewhere is a good feeling.

Christmas was lovely, I was completely spoilt (check out the Michael Kors in the photo – that’s mine eeek!) and I managed to get a whole 2 weeks off! But that still wasn’t enough I really struggled getting back into the swing of things at work, thankfully I’m just about there and getting used to those early mornings again.

In 2014 I’d like to just focus on becoming a more positive person. I struggle with my emotions a lot and find it hard to say what I really feel so this year I think a bit of focus on myself is in order, is that selfish? Na, health and happiness that’s what I’m going for!

Right enough of this cheese fest, what are you hoping to achieve change this year?

Also while your here is there anything you would like to see more of on my blog? I’d like to do some more lifestyle posts but if you have any ideas let me know.

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  1. Love the collage :) I'm hoping to lose weight and get fit and healthy! I started a bloggers Weight Loss group last week so hopefully they will all spur me on!

    Jennifer Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog



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