Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Bobbing for Baubles & Set In Stones

So I'm not sure if its someones sole job at Essie to sit and think up cute names for nail polishes but whoever it seem to get it right every time.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a lovely little set that I got for Christmas which contains 2 beautiful polishes.

Bobbing for Baubles is a deep sophisticated sapphire colour, it leaves the most beautiful shine which I think looks really elegant. I love navy, its such a classic colour that's perfect for everyday wear, not too outrageous for work but still really grabs your attention.

For that added sparkle Set In Stones takes your nails from classic day time to night time glamour. I'm a big fan of glitter especially for a night out, I usually just like to do one nail to make it stand out more. As with all glitter polishes removing it is the bane of my life...maybe that's another reason I only wear it on one finger?? 

Anyway moaning aside I think this is another fabulous duo from Essie that will be seeing a lot of my nails in the near future.

Whats your favourite Essie colour?


  1. These are beautiful I have recently noticed people putting glitter at the tips of the nails and I find this so pretty! I need to grab some glitter polish to try for myself the silver would look amazing on top of the black :D x

  2. Ooo those are both such pretty colours! I've seen Set In Stones before and was tempted to get it myself! I only have one Essie atm but it's one of my overall favourite nail polishes in my entire collection :) it's Bikini So Teeny - I also think Muchi, Muchi would be really pretty!!

  3. These colours are lovely, and make me want to get my dancing feet on to partayyyy x

  4. Really lovely nails! Love the add to sparkles on one finger.



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