Thursday, 19 July 2012

3 Minute Miracle

'There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start.'

Aussie has to be one of my top hair care brands at the moment, their products are such high quality for the price and each product smells amazingly delicious.

The little beauties that I have especially been loving are the 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatments. One of the main reasons I love these is because they only take 3 minutes. I am extremely impatient and get distracted easily so anything that’s longer just makes me lose interest or I just cannot be bothered to even start. The design of the bottle is great, easy to grab while you’re in the shower and easy to squeeze the perfect amount of product out.

My two favourites are Luscious Long and Take the Heat. Both smell divine.

Luscious Long is especially designed for long hair, it moisturises ends without weighing down roots. This is absolutely perfect for my hair. My ends tend to get quite dry so using this really is a treat for my hair it makes it feel so silky and soft.

Take the Heat is for heat damaged hair. I know I am definitely guilty of using too many hot tools on my hair and while I am trying to cut down this just gives me that extra help and the care that my hair needs. Oh and did I mention it smells great?

I can definitely see improvements in my hair when using these products, you cant beat the feeling of soft, healthy hair. Will I be repurchasing these? Hell yeah!

These retail in Boots for £4.99 for 250ml which I think is great value as they last for ages. They are also on 3 for 2 offer a lot which is even better!

Have you used any Aussie products? Do you have any treatments you would recommend?


  1. the leave in conditioner is amazing! I've used it for years and the bottle lasts ages x

    1. O someone else told me about that too. I will have to have a look at that thanks :) x


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