Monday, 9 July 2012

Mini Boots Haul

It's actually not possible for me to go into town and not buy anything from Boots. I have a problem. So here are the bits I picked up this week:

Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz Mattifying Gel Cream Shine Away ♥ Cleansing Face Wipes

Adding to my ever growing skincare collection, the Botanics range was on 3 for 2. They have recently repackaged their products and I'm a sucker for an offer. I got these to keep at my boyfriends house so I don't have to keep taking every thing but the kitchen sink when I stay at his.

Revlon Lip butter in Creme Brulee ♥  Barry M Nail Polish Peach Melba

I'm a big fan of the Revlon Lip Butters and this is a gorgeous nude colour which is perfect for the daytime. Peach Melba makes my nails feel all summery, I'm loving pastel colours at the moment.

I also received another No7 voucher and I can't decide what to buy with it!

What did you pick up this weekend?


  1. I definitely need to copy your idea and buy some stuff to keep at my boyfriend's, I take pretty much everything with me and it annoys me so much! The Botanics range looks really nice, quite a decent price too! xx

    1. Tell me about it i only stay a few nights a pretty much look live ive moved in haha! so far so good with the products :) x

  2. Replies
    1. they are my faves at the minute x


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