Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Holiday Body

I’m not quite sure exactly when my new love of workout gear started, but it has and it’s started to take over a little bit. I think Instagram is a little bit to blame, all of the photographs of super toned ladies in there bright sports bras and toned abs makes me very jealous.

Weight has always been an issue for me and while I am not overweight I have never really been comfortable in my own skin, there’s always a couple of extra pounds I need to lose but hey, I like food!

Anyway with my holiday to Cancun on the horizon I have well and truly upped my game and I feel great. I know people always say it but ‘healthy’ really is a lifestyle choice. For me exercise has really helped to change my moods and relieve stress, obviously I still love chocolate and pizza but eating these in moderation makes me enjoy them a lot more. Eating healthy the majority of the time has been great for my skin, energy levels and just helps me to feel better overall.

With all this healthy life style business I still want to look good so I invested in these fabulous pink trainers by Nike from SportsDirect. I say invested but to be fair they were only £37 which I think is a real bargain! I want purple ones next, obviously.

 I’ve also introduced protein shakes into my routine, it’s like having a chocolate milkshake after a workout and I find it such a treat! I got this Maxitone shaker from Holland and Barrett simply because I liked the pink.

Last of all its important to have a good workout playlist. I have a very varied music taste and some of the cheese I have on there would probably worry a few people, but it’s about what you enjoy listening to and what keeps you motivated.

Have you got a holiday booked this year? What keeps you motivated to keep healthy?


  1. Those trainers are amazing and I'm adding them to my payday wishlist! I currently own Nike Free Run's which are white and purple but I feel mismatched as everything else is black and pink (eek!)

  2. Love the trainers, they're a bargain at £37 mine cost me £80!! I'm going to Amsterdam in July and am currently training for Race for Life in June :) well done for sticking to it :)


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