Wednesday, 11 April 2012


So yesterday I was feeling pretty down about going back to work after a lovely long weekend off, I know it means I only have to work 4 days this week but I still had the post weekend depression. I decided to pain my nails black to reflect this. Nightshade by 17 Cosmetics

I suppose there is nothing really extra special to say about this, I mean...It's just black. It did only need 2 coats to completely cover my nails (which i didn't really mind considering I needed 4 coats for max factors Fantasy Fire!) Afterwards it covered it in 17 top glitter coat and I actually quite like it.

I actually got these as part of a free gift when I bought two 17 products but you can buy these from Boots for about £2.99 Each.

Have you ever tried and nail polish from 17?


  1. Hey! I've just awarded you the Blogger Appreciation Award on my blog! x

  2. Hello sweetie, I thought you might be interested to know I am doing my first giveaway on my blog!
    Check it out and enter for a chance to win! :)


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