Friday, 20 April 2012

Cross Fire

I picked up these two little beauties from Dorothy Perkins yesterday. I do love jewellry but I for some reason I seem to worry about it being too over the top or if it looks tacky, so I tend to keep it minimal and simple.

I'm not sure if I would wear these together in case its a bit of a cross overload, but I think there both really cute and can be worn for any occasion, nice and simple.

Bracelet £5.00 £2.50 (sale bargain!)
Ring £4

Hopefully one day I will man up and break out of my comfort zone and buy a big colourful ring!


  1. you should definitely buy some eccentric jewellery! if you wear it right, nobody can ever question it. :) gorgeous, love crosses at the moment!

    1. I think i might have to, ive seen a nice green ring that may start my collection! x

  2. DP has some such good bargains at the mo! Love the ring - I have a double cross ring from there and I was even wearing it today!


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