Tuesday, 17 April 2012

More About Me

After reading a great post by Anna about starting a blog, I thought I should really talk a bit more about myself (not in a vain way!) just so people can get to know me a little better. Most of the blogs I enjoy reading come across as really approachable and you start to feel like you know them and can relate to them, hopefully one day I'd Like to think people think that about my blog.

Name: Charlotte, but most people call me Charlie
Age: 24
Star sign: Leo
Siblings: One sister

Hair Colour: Brunette
Eyes Colour: Hazel
Favourite Colour: I love navy at the moment
Glasses: Yes, I wear contact lenses everyday
Piercings: My ears pierced twice
Tattoos: None
Best feature: My eyelashes are naturally quite long, people always ask if I'm wearing false one when I'm not!
Worst feature: I'd really like a flatter stomach but I love food too much  

Things I like:
pretty dresses//mascara//Big hair//puppies//cocktails//sarcasm//cava//chicken jalfrezi//holidays//socialising//cheese//dancing//long necklaces//music//gym//beer pong//sunshine//cupcakes//sleep//football//uno

Things I dislike:
arrogance//pineapple on pizza//people that walk slow//early mornings//waiting for payday//rain//baked beans//spiders//Jack Daniels//my insecurities//crying//pineapple on gammon//mondays
So yeah thats me HI xx

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  1. Hey! :)
    I've just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!
    Tasminaaa x


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