Friday, 10 May 2013

Benefit They're Real!

As a mascara freak I have lusted after this for a long time, alas the bank balance would just not allow me to purchase. Thank goodness for Elle Magazine giving away a mini sample this month, my housemate and I nabbed the last ones of the shelves so these bad boys are obviously going fast.

They're Real is designed to lengthen, curl, volumize lift and separate all at the same time, which is really what we all want from a mascara.

The brush has lots of fine precise bristles which definitely help to separate and define my lashes beautifully. At the end of the wand there is a little spiked bristle section that helps you grab all of the little lashes that you may sometimes miss. Benefit recommend to hold the wand vertically and stroke upwards to help create that flirty curl we crave.

The colour is super black and the staying power is second to non, this doesn't, smudge or flake and lasts all day. You will definitely need something good to help remove this, I used my eye make up remover and then followed it with a cleansing balm and was surprised to see how much mascara still rubbed off on the flannel.which is good but just make sure you remove it thoroughly to avoid those panda eyes.

While I have nothing negative to say about this mascara, I'm afraid I wont be running out to repurchase. At £19.50 a pop it is more than my bank balance can justify at the moment and to be honest I think there are some real high street mascara high street gems out there at the moment from Max Factor and L'oreal which do a fabulous job for half the price. But if you do have the money this is definitely worth the splurge.


  1. When my Elle subscription dropped through my letterbox I was well happy to find this in there as I had wanted to try it for so long, I wasn't wowed by it though and it does no better than my Avon supershock mascara... Actually I think my Avon one is a tad better!

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door


    1. never tried an anon mascara before thanks for the heads up! x

  2. I agree about the price - I love this mascara so much but when my sample runs out I don't know whether I'll end up repurchasing. Which high street ones would you recommend?

    Lauren J

    1. I love Max factor eye brightening and L'oreal volume million or telescopic, they all have fab results xx

  3. I love this mascara xx

  4. I really like this one, just find it quite pricey and it doesn't last too long. I think a tube got me through about 2 months of solid use which seems a lot but I don't think it is when others last much longer xx

  5. I've recently reviewed this too :) I'm such a fan! Bought the full size with my boots points but don't want it to run out! X


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