Friday, 11 July 2014

MEXICO!: The Hard Rock Hotel, Cancun

So my holiday post is a bit later than anticipated but seriously I had a lot of pictures to sort through! As there is so many pictures I've decided to break them down into smaller chucks starting today with the most fabulous hotel I've ever stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun!
My boyfriend is a big fan of the Hard Rock brand so it was pretty much his choice but as soon as he showed me the website I was sold. From the guitar shaped driveway to the white sand beach the hotel was everything I expected and so much more.
You are treated like a rock star from the moment you arrive. We were given cocktails, a cold towel and a cute little bracelet as soon as we stepped out of the taxi.
As it's Hard Rock Reception wouldn't be complete without a drum kit!
Our Room was stunning, it even had a jacuzzi in it! not to mention a dressing area that's every girls dream.
The pool area was huge and not to mention spotless, you could not fault the house keeping staff
First up and in the pool thanks to the jet lag!
Everything was all inclusive but believe me they didn't skip on quality or quantity!
The hotel had about 6 different restaurants, of course we tried them all and the food in each one was amazing.
Breakfast outside anyone?
an Italian twist on surf and turf.. Tuna and Bacon! random but it was oh so good!
I love watching chefs cook so the Japanese restaurant was right up my street, my boyfriend even got to help cook!
I am now a big sushi fan.
Even the poolside food was incredible. Of course there was pizza, nachos and chilli available to, in fact I did love the pizza a lot.
Probably the only picture of me in a bikini you will ever see but I felt like a queen sunning myself in this bed!
Did I mention how gorgeous the beach was?
On one of the last nights we decided to have a champagne dinner on the beach. 
It was the perfect end the waiter even gave us an extra bottle of Moet!
Beautiful Sunset
I hope these photos do this place justice, I cannot rave about it enough. The hotel was so beautiful the staff were super friendly, the food was delicious and it was all complete value for money.

In my next posts i will talk about some of the day trips we went on, including swimming with dolphins!!

Have you ever been to Mexico or stayed in a Hard Rock?


  1. I went to Cancun at the end of April and it was amazing! We were thinking of staying at this hotel, but didn't in the end. It looks so beautiful, I'm glad you had a lovely time :)


  2. OMG i need to go there! I reaally want to go to Cancun! Looks like you had the most amazing time.. so jealous xo


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