Monday, 26 August 2013

My Florida Photo Diary: Animal Kingdom

Warning: Picture Heavy
Animal Kingdom was probably my most favourite day of our holiday. As soon as we arrived we went straight to the safari, I was a bit worried we might not see anything but I was very wrong, we saw everything from hippo’s to lions and zebras. I loved it!
O hey 2 headed animal thing! Not really haha just crazy fluke camera positioning.
The petting zoo was too cute, I loved this little pig.
When I was a young warthooooog! The Lion King show was excellent, Pumba is definitely my fave.
The craziest part of the day had to be when we were having our photograph taken with some of the characters and one of the photographers asked if we wanted to be in the Animal Kingdom YES! We jumped at the chance! So at 3 o clock we were taken back stage with a few other guests, given some jungle hats and jackets and we were ready to go! Dean and I were on the very first float with Rafiki, talk about surreal we then spent 30 minute driving around and waving at people! What a once in a life time amazing experience!
What a day, definitely one we won’t forget anytime soon!

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