Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Florida Photo Diary: Epcot

Warning: Picture Heavy
The last of my holiday photos is of our last day when we went to Epcot, I love how relaxed it was here and I finally found out what was inside that giant golf ball!
I loved looking around all the countries, this restaurant in ‘Mexico’ was amazing! It looked just like you were eating outside in the evening. I also really like Germany where i got a nice glass of grapefruit beer!
This was the also the place where we finally got to meet Mickey and Minnie! There was no queue for them which was really surprising but great news for us!
We went for a stroll around the Boardwalk which was so peaceful, there were some gorgeous hotels around here, bit out of our price range though!
The night finished with fireworks and a Grey Goose citrus cooler, perfect.

Looking back at these photos makes me want to go back so badly, time to get saving! I hope you enjoyed a peak at my holiday and if you ever get the chance to go do it!!!

So where shall I go next? 

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