Saturday, 17 August 2013

My Florida Photo Diary Universal Studios

Warning: Picture Heavy
Before we arrived in Florida the place I was looking forward to visiting most was Universal Studios simply because I love Harry Potter! 
I have to say I wasn’t disappointed, Hogwarts looked so impressive and Hogsmead looks so much like it does in the films i had to take photos of every part. I loved pretending to be a wizard but I was disappointed butter beer tastes like complete crap haha, surely wizard can create better drinks!
I didn’t know there was a Jurassic park area so I was ridiculously excited to find a massive T-rex peaking out of the trees! we went on the water ride which starts of as a tour in a boat around some of the park, when suddenly you end up drifting in the wrong direction being chased by rapters and then going down the biggest log flume drop and getting absolutely soaked! I loved it!
Dean loved geeking in the comic book area I think he secretly wants to be Wolverine.
Obviously we stopped for a Duff beer in MOES.
We had lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe and it was super cool in there! Where else can you find a pink rotating Cadillac? 
Cocktails in souvenir glasses.
Pulled pork anyone?

This was one of my favourite parks just because it had a bit more edge than Disney, it was good to hear a bit of Rock music after hearing ‘Someday my prince will come’ pretty much on repeat! Another fab day.


  1. Omg no way is there a Kwik-e-Mart and a Moe's!!! It all looks amazing - thanks for sharing the pictures as I now really want to go! X

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I want to go!!! It looks amazing and soooo much fun!!

  3. I want to go to the Harry Potter bit more than anywhere right now!! Looks like an amazing day out :) xx

  4. Love it :) HRC is our fav and we stayed in the hotel last time too. Hopefully looking at 3 nights there this time- such a dream. I love WWOHP, I could have just stayed ad drank butter beer and looked around all day. Some lovely photos :) xx


  5. Universal was my favourite place too! Espcially Harry Potter World and Rocking Roller Coaster! I totally agree with you on the Butterbeer, but the pumpkin THAT was amazing!

    Lozzie xx


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