Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ways to Follow My Blog...

Hi Ladies. I've been a busy little bee lately and joining lots of different social media sites as a way for you to follow my blog. I know lots of people prefer different ways to follow people due to different apps etc so I'm hoping now I can reach most people their preferred way.

GFC: All you need to do is click 'Join This Site' in the sidebar and voila my posts will appear in your blog dashboard.

Hello Cotton: This is fast becoming one of my favourite ways to follow and discover new blogs. You create an account which you can add your blog too, then you have access to a world of new blogs from beauty and fashion to travel and cooking. You can follow me HERE.

Bloglovin: I find this quite confusing and I'm only just starting to get my head around it. Its similar to Hello Cotton but it doesn't let you see who is following you. I've just downloaded the ipad app for this though and it's so much easier for reading blogs on the go. You can find me HERE.

She Said Beauty: Is brand new to me but I think it's great and I love the layout, You also get to show products you like and review them too. you can follow me HERE or click the link in the sidebar.

Twitter: I love to Tweet! It;s such a good way to interact with other bloggers especially if you join in with the #bbloggers chat on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8pm. I've learned so much from these chats and now have wish lists at long as my arm! Come and chat @eatplayshopblog

Instagram: If you love taking photos you will love this. I take photos of everything and anything from, food to beauty products and just things in general life. I am Misscharlieb_xx

So there we have my little social media empire. If you fancy a chat you know where to find me. What way do you prefer to follow? Are you on any of these sites?

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