Monday, 18 March 2013

Just Can't Find The Words

Images - We Heart It

I took lots of lovely blog photos this weekend and I have plenty to say about each and every one of them but I just can’t find the right words. I'm not sure if I'm just in one of those Monday slumps where I wish it was still the weekend but whatever it is it has well and truly stolen my inspiration. Do you ever get like this?

To make myself feel a bit better I have been scrolling through the thousands of pictures on We Heart It, looking for pretty things to cheer myself up, well It has worked but now I want to spend money I haven’t got on new make up shoes and girly dresses. The chocolate Mickey Mouse made me especially happy as it reminded me of my holiday to Disney Land in July! It’s not all bad.

Anyway I'm hoping ill snap out of this soon so I'm off to make my myself another cup of tea and try to clear my fuzzy old head.

How’s your Monday? Do you ever hit a blogging wall and how do you over come it?


  1. Heart it and want it xx

  2. I normally pamper myself, drink tea, read other peoples blog and relax. words will come in time, don't force it :)

    Jessica | Peachynotes x

  3. As Jessica put it, don't force it! I like to take a complete day away from the cyber world when I'm having a block. Have an adventure with someone close to you, and the next day you'll probably have something to write about!

    xx Rachael

  4. I love weheartit and Pinterest, they always cheer me up! xx

  5. Yes I do Charlie - everyone has bloggers ups and downs I reckon (I think my wall stems mainly from sheer exhaustion most of the time!) I'd love to spend much more time on my blog but am so tired most evenings I just collapse in a heap! Usually have loads of ideas while I'm sat at work and can't do anything about it! You'll get your mojo back - just don't force it! xx

  6. I sometimes get this too, it's not a bad thing. You just took a little sidestep and posted these lovely images. I love the shoes and cupcakes.


  7. I want those pumps! Such lovely pictures.


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