Monday, 8 April 2013

Dainty Doll Blush, You are my Sunshine

004 You are My Sunshine

I was so excited when I found out Dainty Doll were on Fragrance Direct and, like a lot of other bloggers I was quick of the mark to make a purchase. From the range of products they had on the website, for me the stand out products were the blushes.

The packaging is so classy, I love the box it comes in the lady on the front adds that bit of quirkiness but still gives the product a high end look. The compact itself is very sleek and contains a huge mirror perfect for on the go touch ups if needed.

If you’re not immediately won over by the packaging then the product itself will definitely help.
You Are My Sunshine is a gorgeous peach toned blush with a golden shimmer running through it, I would say perfect for summer but I think the winter is here to stay in the UK for a good while yet! The gold shimmer adds a lovely highlight and gives my cheeks a healthy glow. The pigmentation is fantastic and the blush applies beautifully. Can you tell I like this product?

Nicola Roberts designed her products specifically for pale skin girls but really this blush will suit most skin tones.

The Dainty Doll Blushes usually retail for £13.50 so to pick this up for just £1.99 is an absolute steal. After using this product I would go as far as saying that it definitely is worth its high end price tag and could easily be on a par with the quality of a MAC Blush, but at £1.99 what are you waiting for!?

Have you tried any Dainty Doll Products yet? 


  1. I really like peach toned blushes, I find them a lot easier to wear than the pinkier / red ones! This looks gorgeous, what a bargain too! xxx

  2. I've been using Dainty Doll for years so majorly stocked up on everything when it came on FD!

  3. I've just ordered this blush from Fragrance Direct, it looks gorgeous :) Can't wait to try it! xx

  4. This is a beautiful colour, looks so nice on you x

  5. £1.99?! That's such a bargain, I was going to say that I wouldn't even mind paying the full price because it looks so good!

    Jennifer @

  6. I have this, and all the other DD blushes, it's such a fab blush. Reminds me a lot of sleeks rose gold x

  7. This is in my fragrance direct basket!! waiting to be brought haha!

  8. I heard this brand was going out of business, am I wrong? I would certainly hope not, the colours are so pretty and cheap too! x

    1. i hope not! but maybe thats why they are so cheap xx

  9. I'm so gutted I missed these when they were such a bargain!i love peach toned blushes :) looks great on you xx


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