Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nars Eye Duo In Isolde

Can you believe I picked this beaut up in a blog sale? Oh yes! This is my first experience with Nars eye shadows, I'm always lusting after these but unfortunately for me I can never usually justify the £25 price tag, call me tight but I usually have to be pretty boring and prioritise my spending.

When I wear eye shadows I do tend to stick with neutrals and gold’s so Isolde is right up my street. The pigmentation of these shadows is amazing, they are slightly more orange than I was hoping but so I've been using thye paler shade on its own in the day time and if I'm going out in the evening I try to create a smokey look by using the light colour all over the lid and then the darker colour in my crease.

The shadows are so silky and easy to apply, I tend to use mine with an eye shadow primer but to be honest you really don’t need one as the staying power is great.

I love the fact there is a mirror inside the compact for convenience, the only part of the packaging that I'm not thrilled with is the material that it’s made with; it gets so dirty so easy! This is also the case with my Nars blushes.

Apart from that I'm very impressed with Isolde and I can definitely see why it has the hefty price tag. I’d really like to try a more neutral colour too so I need to start doing some research and either get saving or put them on my birthday list!

Isolde, you have a safe place in my make-up bag.

What do you think of Nars Eyeshadows?


  1. This looks so beautiful~ I love NARS products. I'm impressed by both their quality of the product and the amazing packaging. However, like you said, it does get a bit dirty and messy easily too but i find that a quick make-up wipe does the trick and it's all nice and new again. This eye duo is so worth it~ I Love the neutrals too hehe :D

    Thanks for sharing <3
    Have a lovely day
    X x X x X

  2. Such an amazing blog sale find! I love this duo, have swatches it so many times but always talked myself out of it because of the price tag. Looks perfect for summer!


  3. This is the perfect colour combo! You look at some of them and think they're a bit meh but I could see ,myself getting a lot of use out of these shades x

  4. I have two e/s duos, one of which I got in a blog sale too!! I do like them but they're just so expensive :( xx

  5. I think I'm the only one who loves the rubberized packaging of NARS, haha! But these colors are gorgeous and remind me of the oranges you see in a sunset! I can't believe someone was willing to part with it! Lucky you! :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  6. its a gorgeous duo, amazing find in a blog sale! your eyelashes are amazing!!
    Anna x

  7. I don't any NARS but I hate packaging like that that picks up every shred of spilt makeup in your cosmetics bag! Love the colour of these :) xxx

  8. oooo i love gold eyeshadowwww :) your eyelashes are sooo long what mascara do you use? new follower :) xxx xxx

  9. I've been wanting to get my hands on this duo for ages, the colours look beautiful and bronze shades are always a fave on mine. This looks great on you doll, fabulous post

    Danielle xx

    Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  10. I want this so badly! Love NARS.
    Nicola xx


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