Monday, 17 June 2013

Healthy Breakfast: Egg Muffins

Hi Guys! So you may or may not know that I have jumped on the health wagon, increasing resistance training, cardio and eating as ‘clean’ as possible. I've spent hours googling food ideas to make healthy eating a bit more exciting and this and also super easy recipe is one of my favourites.
What you will need:
Spring Onion
Low fat cheese
Chilli Flakes
Black pepper

To be honest all of the ingredients except the eggs are optional, you can pick and choose which veggies you want to add in, you can also add meat or if your being really healthy you can even just use whites instead of whole eggs.

Pre heat the oven to 190c/Gas mark 5.
First of all prep your muffin tin with a little oil in each hole; I used fry lights 1 cal spray. Then layer the veggies and cheese at the bottom of each tin.

Crack your eggs in to a bowl and lightly whisk. In this case I used 5 (because that was how many I had) and this made 6 muffins, I could have actually made a couple more but I don’t have another tin so 4 eggs will be enough for me next time. Add your seasoning to the eggs.

Pour the egg mixture over your veg so the tin is ¾ full and then place in the oven and leave for 25-30 minutes and you’re done! Easy peasy.
They are a bit like a cross between an omelette and a Yorkshire pudding.
One of the best things about these egg muffins is that you can keep them in an air tight container or bag and they can last up to a week so you can prepare them in advance and have them on the go. I brought mine to work with me this morning and microwaved them for about a minute and then served them with some more spinach and a cheeky bit of smoked salmon. Healthy, light and delicious.

Will you be trying these out? Do you have any healthy recipes? I would love to hear.


  1. Yummy!! These look delicious! Definitely something I'll be trying out :D Great post lovely!

    Stacey x

  2. ohh this is such an easy, healthy recipe!! I'm so bad at cooking but think even I could make these haha. Will definitely be giving it a go xx

  3. I love your blog new follower :) this recipe has been bookmarked also it sounds amazing! I have never tried egg muffins before but the concept makes me hungry cant wait to give this a go thanks for sharing, I hope to see more future posts like this too! :) xx | Macadamia Oil Control Spray Giveaway ♥

  4. Ahh these look so delicious and easy to make! :) I'd definitely try them out during the weekend, thanks for sharing lovely! <3

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  5. WOW this looks so scrummy, definitely going to give it a go :) Thanks for sharing!

    Amy Georgette



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