Monday, 3 June 2013

Optibac: For a Flat Stomach

When I was offered the chance to try out Optibac I literally jumped at the chance, For a Flat Stomach? Yes please! I am prone to stomach bloating (glamorous, I know) so if a product can claim to help me reduce this then send it my way.

I’d never used a product like this before so I spent ages reading about the product and reading customer reviews on their website just to make sure I knew exactly what I was putting into my body.
Optibac: For a Flat Stomach is a probiotic supplement which helps your digestion and aid transit to help leaving you with a comfortably flatter stomach.

Each box contains 7 sachets of the probiotic supplement, which you take once a day for 7 days straight. You mix the powder in with water and drink it with your breakfast.
It doesn't taste of anything, which I think is a bit of a bonus because I hate it when you take something and it tastes disgusting.

There are full instructions included which answered any questions I had. It also explains the ingredients, and I love the fact it's suitable for vegetarians and gluten free so is suitable for the majority of people.

I had my first sachet on a Monday, no problems but by the end of Tuesday, I’ll be honest I did feel a bit more bloated than usual, but apparently this can be because my body is adapting to the probiotics as it's something I'm not used to. It was Friday morning when I woke up and thought ‘Wow! It’s actually worked’, I couldn’t believe I felt as good as I did.

I finished my For a Flat Stomach course 7 days ago now and I am happy to report I am still feeling the benefits from it. I haven’t had that uncomfortable feeling all week and my stomach is noticeably flatter, and believe me, I don’t say that often! Bring on next months course.

For me Optibac’s For a Flat stomach has worked a treat so if you are prone to bloating then I definitely suggest you check this out.

For a Flat Stomach retails for £8.69 on the Optibac Website.

You can also pick up some extra bloating tips here!

Have you ever tried any products from Optibac? How do you beat the bloat!?


  1. Oh I am glad to hear that they are working xx

  2. I'm always abit jubious to try stuff like this, but if it works maybe its something worth investing in! thanks for sharing xx

    1. so was I but i would really recommend this especailly as im still feeling good a week after it :) xx

  3. I'm more inclined to try this after your review, thank you

  4. I am literally trying everything right now to get my body ready for the summer and upcoming holidays haha May have to take a peek at these...thanks for a great review!

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