Friday, 5 October 2012

HD Brow Beater

HD Brow Beater - £14.95

 ‘Tame your unruly brows with this lightweight, non-sticky setting lotion. This unique finishing product sets untidy brows into place and conditions them at the same time!

I have been using the HD Brow Beater as part of my every day routine since I received it as part of a Glossy Box, the product is used to tidy and set your brows and keep them in place all day. It wasn’t until I did the ‘How much is my face worth’ tag that I actually took more notice of it.

On doing my research I found out this product will set you back a cool £14.95. I actually found this quite shocking, paying £15 for what is essentially a clear mascara?

I do like this product and it does exactly what it says on the tin tube it keeps my brows perfect and in place all day. But is it worth the price tag? No.

I think with this product you are really paying for the brand, you can buy much cheaper alternatives, a clear mascara or even Vaseline will do exactly the same job.

I will continue to enjoy using this product while it lasts but unfortunately it will not be repurchased.

HD Brow Beater can be purchased here.

Do you like this product? Will you be repurchasing?

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