Monday, 15 October 2012

Holiday Heroes: Egypt

Hi ladies, today's post is dedicated to my Egypt holiday heroes. It was about 36 degrees everyday while i was there and I would not have survived without these products, well that might be a bit of an exaggeration but I certainly would be burned to a crisp and lobster red without them!

♥ Calypso Deep Tan. I got this bad boy for about £3 from body care and I used this everyday when I felt I needed to top up my SPF or if I felt I was burning. It's also supposed to help enhance your tan and I have returned pretty bronzed so I am happy.

♥ No7 Triple Protection Moisturiser. This featured in my Italy Holiday Saviours post so I knew I needed this with me. I didn't really wear make up while I was there, but this is great for a bit of extra face protection and to cover my blemishes.

♥ Caudalie Beauty Elixr. I was unsure weather to take this with me or not but I'm so glad I did, It was so refreshing to spritz onto my skin. I also used it at night after cleansing and it made my skin feel clean and like I really had got rid of all  the sun cream and salt water that had made my skin feel dry.

♥ Palmers Moisturising Lip Balm. Love this stuff. My lips usually get quite dry when there is an extreme change in temperature and this helped keep them moisturised. It also has SPF 15 which is a bonus.

♥ Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. I used this at night time when we went out and it just helped reduce the amount of shine on my face, can't go wrong.

♥ Riemans P20. This also featured in my Italy Post and I would never go on holiday without this. It is so amazing at protecting my skin from the sun, you apply it once in the morning and it protects you all day even in water, a must for any hot holiday.


  1. What, no need for them, everyone loves the lobster red look!!
    On a serious note I love No7 triple protect moisturiser, I use it on a ''nightly'' basis xxx

  2. So jealous of your holiday.. I use the rimmel powder too, works great on my oily skin

    1. It was fantastic, its the best powder ive used xx

  3. i must remember this p20! heard so many good things about it! x

    1. It really is amazing I cant recommend it enough! x

  4. Egypt in summer is really, i also stayed there in summer and weather were really hard, also Cairo is a little crowded but contain a lot of historical sightseeing, I got this one Holiday In Egypt


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