Monday, 29 October 2012

Why do you wear makeup?

 Hellooo you lovely lot, today I am jumping on the bandwagon of another tag: ‘Why do you wear makeup?’ When I first saw this tag I though good question! When did I go from being a fresh faced youngster to covering my face in slap every day? I suppose its part of growing up and trying to grow old gracefully.

When did you begin loving make-up? I think like most little girls I was always intrigued by makeup. I remember getting my first little make up set for Christmas and trying to copy my mum. Needless to say I ended up looking like a clown with bright blue eye shadow, red lips and ridiculously round red circles on my cheeks; thankfully I think it’s safe to say I have come a long way from those days. At school I would wear the cheapest foundation I could find and a bit of mascara. I had no idea how to properly apply foundation so you can just imagine my lovely orange face with my lily white body, no wonder I never had a boyfriend! It wasn’t until maybe two years ago that I would say my obsession started. I wanted a new foundation and decided to have a look on the internet to see what was best. Low and behold I discovered a whole community on the web of cosmetic lovers, reading review after review I couldn’t get enough of searching for and buying new products. So you might say I’m actually pretty new to the makeup world.

How do you feel without make-up? It’s actually quite scary how low my self-esteem is without it. At school I was a bit of a chunk and wore my glasses every day. Then came the time when I lost a bit of weight, got contact lenses and started to really make more of an effort with my makeup. It really is amazing how different I started being treated, people approached me more, making friends was easier even boys started to talk to me! It’s sad to say but I do think make up has a lot to do with this and when I don’t wear makeup it kind of takes me back to my ‘invisible’ days where I had no self-confidence what so ever. (Jeeez don’t I sound chirpy today, this was supposed to be a fun tag!)

What do you like about make-up? I love the way it’s so versatile. You can completely change the look of your face, you can cover up the bags under your eyes and I just think it’s quite fun experimenting. My makeup is usually quite natural but I love being able to give advice to my friends and help do theirs. And I love how it makes me feel. It such a good feeling getting ready for a night out and looking in the mirror thinking ‘yeah, I scrub up alright’ J

Three 'Holy Grail' items

♥ Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. A bargainous product for only £4.19 my blemishes and bags are hidden incredibly. A must for a bad skin day.

♥ Mascara. I am a mascara addict. I’m quite lucky to have long eyelashes any way but I think that it give your face a a great finish. My current favourite is Max Factor Eye Brightening mascara, this product can do no wrong for me.

 RealTechniques Buffing Brush. I can’t believe how long I went without this using brushes makes such a difference when trying to create a flawless look. Such a simple item with amazing results

Have you done this tag yet? does make up give you as much confidence as it does me?


  1. LOVE this post! really well written! (i was a bit of a 'chunk' too hehe!)


    1. aww thank you! I like to think ive got better with age haha x

  2. i love this tag, youve got some really great asnwers here. i think no-make up and self-confidence is something that nearly every girl can relate to. i definitely can relate to being treated differently when i wear it compared to when i dont. xx

    1. Thanks Hannah :)im glad you can relate i hate feeling self conscious but its nice to know im not alone x


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