Friday, 22 February 2013

50 Random Facts Tag

  1. I drink way to much tea. Green tea, English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, I drink it all.
  2. I know pretty much know all of the words to the film Mean Girls, "You go Glen Coco!"
  3. I prefer dark chocolate to milk
  4. I used to be a bit of a fatty and lost nearly 3 stone :) I still always struggle with those last few pounds though.
  5. I can't stand baked beans, I think its the texture but just eugh.
  6. I worry too much and always want things to be perfect
  7. I've never dyed my hair. I know that might sound a bit boring but I don't think I'd suit any other colour. I am tempted to ombre though.
  8. I have my ears pierced twice, no tattoos.
  9. I gave up alcohol for January and I did not miss the hangovers!
  10. I work in an office, I'm currently looking for something better
  11. My blog is a secret I'm not sure why, I think its just a nice escape for me
  12. I wish I was a bit smaller so I could wear high shoes I'm 5ft 8 so I look like a giant and it makes me self conscious.
  13. I'm a leo. rawr.
  14. I live with my best friend, we have a cute little house
  15. I hate it when people have pineapple with gammon, I have a thing about people eating hot food with meat. Same with ham and pineapple pizza, its just wrong.
  16. I really want a dog, preferably a black lab or a puggle but I'm not fussy.
  17. I love tv shows with lots of twists and always has me on the edge of my seat, Homeland is my  fave programme at the minute I hope it comes back soon!
  18. I'm allergic to wasps. One stung me right under the eye before and I ended up looking like quasimodo. Not sexy.
  19. I hated school
  20. I buy too many dresses and don't wear them enough
  21. A drunk guy once told me I look like Kate Middleton, I'll take that! She has great hair
  22. I'm going on holiday to Turkey this year, I need some sunshine!
  23. I've never had a pet
  24. I've only just started to wear bright lipstick I'm a wimp and think it makes me look like a drag queen.
  25. Skincare is my weakness and I feel no guilt when I splurge on it.
  26. I've never broken any bones in my body! Touch wood. I'm indestructible.
  27. I don't think I could live without cheese. I have a bit of addiction 
  28. I love everything burgundy at the minute
  29. I'm really shy when I first meet people, I like to work people out. I also LOVE to people watch.
  30. I love a good cuddle, It's amazing how much better one can make you feel.
  31. I've been with my boyfriend Dean for about 8 months
  32. I have a weird addiction to jalapenos, I can eat them out of the jar
  33. I have one younger sister called Rachel
  34. I've never really known what career I want, hence being stuck in an office
  35. It takes a lot for me to trust people and let people get close to me
  36. I have a small group of close friends which I love
  37. I have a few girl crushes at the minute, Miranda Kerr, Millie Mackintosh and Mila Kunis are all beauts
  38. I used to go to dance classes when I was younger but have since lost all my rhythm 
  39. When me and my friends do Karaoke we always so Spandau Ballets 'Gold' such an 80s classic.
  40. My Dad supports Barnsley Football club and I had a season ticket for 4 years
  41. Poached eggs and smoked Salmon is my favourite Breakfast
  42. I can't stand carrots, swede or turnip, give me green vegetables please
  43. I wish I was more fashionable, I'm always to afraid of what people will think
  44. I have worn glasses since I was about 12 and hate them, I wear contact lenses every day
  45. I drive a ford KA, its getting a bit old now but gets me from a to b no problem
  46. I love swimming it was the one sport at school I was actually good at
  47. I'm forever trying to create volume in my hair it always falls so flat!
  48. I asked for a pony for Christmas about 10 years in a row, I even drew my parents a plan of where it would live in our garden and how it would survive haha
  49. I really, really want to go to Australia 
  50. My thumb bends back into a 90 degree angle. I thought this was normal...apparently not!


  1. You should totally try the high heels and bright lips, I think they'd look cute and you'd be surprised at how much fun they are! I'm 5'8" also but I love my six-inch heels.

    I like the one about the pony plan in the garden lol :) you were thinking ahead!

  2. We have a few similarities ;) i hate the texture of beans too and people think im strange for that :S haha.
    i could never live with out cheese and my blog is a bit of a secret too, my friends or family dont know i have it haha :)

    I love your blog .. I did this post too its fun.

    Alex ox.

  3. My blog is a bit of a secret too! Only my immediate family knows about it. :) Lovely post! xxx

  4. My blog is secret too. Hahaha, some friends found out by accident but it's secret from my family x

  5. My thumb goes back in a 90 degree angle too! Didn't notice until I took a bunch of thumbs up pictures with my friends and I looked odd, haha! AND JALAPENOS. Delicious! This was a great post to read :D

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  6. "I drink way to much tea. Green tea, English Breakfast tea, Earl Grey, I drink it all" <---- Is me too xx

  7. Just found your blog and I love it!!

    New follower :) xx


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