Friday, 15 February 2013

What's In My Bag Tag

Today's post is giving you a sneak peak inside my handbag. I love these types of posts as i'm quite nosy and I always see little bits that I wish I had in mine. I have cheated a little bit and taken all my receipts out, I tend to just stick them in there after I've got petrol and sometimes I do forget to take them out and I really don’t think that makes for a good blog post.

The bag I use nearly every day is my Fiorelli Shopper. I love this bag and it upsets me to say that it is starting to look a bit worn but until I find the next ‘The One’, I will continue to use it.

Most importantly I carry around my Iphone and this may sound geeky but I can’t remember life without it. I Love having the camera at the ready and being able to catch up with blogs on the go. I got the cute little diary from Poundland so I can quickly jot down any plans and appointments. My boyfriend is also quite forgetful and I have to remind him of things all the time so I keep his events in here too. My Purse…doesn’t really need explaining.

The most Boring thing is my contact lenses case, I always keep one with me in case I have to take my lenses out for any reason of if they start to dry up. Oh the glamour.

The beauty bits I carry round are just in case I need to re-apply or I'm going out after work and I want to hide that ‘I've been up since 6am’ look. This pretty much includes concealer, a lip product and sometimes a cheeky spritz of Caudalie Beauty Elixr. I also like to keep some Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder and some Vaseline with me at all times.

A hairbrush is always essential for my mop so this compact brush is perfect, I know it has a mirror inside but I also like to carry this No7 which I got for Christmas just because it’s pretty.

So that’s the secrets of my bag. Let me know if you have done this tag too.


  1. I love these kind of posts! Your bag is fab :)

  2. I love Fiorelli handbags, I have a few :)

  3. I love What's in My Bag posts, your bag is lovely! xx

  4. I'm such a big fan of Denman brushes, they're so good on my hair! xx

  5. I love your bag, it's awesome and I'm on the hunt for one just like it.. my satchel isn't big enough to carrying all my stuff and the babies but she's too old for the nappy bag!

    I haven't done this tag yet but I think I will!

    Amy x

  6. Your bag is gorgeous, lovely post (:
    Really liked your blog and pictures, I'm a new follower x

  7. I love a good nosey WIMH post - though I haven't done one yet. I love the print on your diary, and I'm totally the same about not remembering life before my iphone :L

  8. The stuff i bring is pretty similar, even though i dnt bring makeup xx

  9. i love love LOVE your handbag!! :)
    i just done mine today at



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