Monday, 4 February 2013

The Breakfast Club

Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls

Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. If you want the breakfast of a king (or queen) The Breakfast Club is what you need in your life.

I've read a lot about The Breakfast Club online and it just comes across as such a happy and exciting place, so after a night out on Friday my friends and I were in desperate need of something to make us feel human again.

You know a place is good when you have to queue to get in but I've never had to queue up for a restaurant before! This was only for about 20 minutes but it was so worth it. There are 4 locations around London, we went to the one in Spitalfields.  As you walk in you are greeted with fairy lights and lots of quirky little ornaments and pictures, I particularly loved the door disguised as a smeg fridge!

My breakfast saviour of choice was the HUEVOS AL BENNY.
'Poached eggs, chorizo, roast peppers, avocado, fresh chillies, spicy hollandaise on toasted English Muffin'

I would never have thought of mixing this combination together myself buy it honestly made me feel so much better, goodbye hangover! My friends also assured me that the Chorizo Hash Browns and the All American pancakes would also have hit the spot.

If you are visiting London and are in need of something lip smackingly good then I can’t recommend this place enough. I will definitely be returning when I visit the capital again, it’s making my mouth water just looking at those eggs!

If my recommendations aren’t enough take a look at this menu and I would be shocked if there isn't something on there that tickles your taste buds.

Have you been to the breakfast club before? What's your favourite dish?


  1. It looks like an amazing place to go for Breakfast, wish I could go to London! x

  2. This place sounds like my dream come true! I LOVE breakfast - possibly my favourite meal of the day and my boyfriend and I are planning on going to London in May for my 21st Birthday. Definitely taking him to The Breakfast Club - your dish looks truly to die for.
    N xo

  3. This looks absolutely amazing! I am desperate to go to London again and when I do this will be right up there on my list of places to eat!

    Amy x

  4. That looks so good! I love eating out for breakfast :)

  5. Oh wow, I have never been here, but it is going on my list of places to visit. The food looks amazing!


  6. I love this place. Everyt ime I stay in London I go. My friend lives round the corner from one. x


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