Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nails: Purple Passion

Fantasy Fire ♥ To Buy or not to Buy ♥ Vivid Violet ♥ Purple Mystique ♥ Berry Ice Cream

As my Case of the Blues post went down so well I thought it would be a great opportunity to create a series of my favourite polishes, today I am showcasing my passion for purple. Purple is one of my favourite colours, I love how it’s so versatile and can look great at any time of the year. These 5 are my most reached for and just the most gorgeous shades.

Fantasy Fire byMax Factor is the most beautiful colour to look at it has a gold shimmer running through it. The gold really makes the colour a bit special and looks fabulous on a night out. The only problem with this is its very sheer and takes at least 4 coats (yes I said 4!) to get an opaque finish. To be honest I usually lose interest after coat 2 but if I have the time and effort to put in it looks great.

To Buy or not to Buy was my first ever Essie polish and  think its gorge, it’s a very pale lilac with tiny flecks of glitter perfect for summer I just with the glitter was a bit more noticeable.

Vivid Violet by No7 is another great shade for all year round; I love the shiny finish it gives. Purple mystique by Models Own is probably the colour that frequents my toes the most often, I don’t know why but purple toes make me happy.

Barry M’s Berry Ice Cream was without a doubt my polish of choice in summer 2012. Pastels are essential in the sunshine and Barry M certainly knows how to work a pastel! In fact Today's winner has to be Barry M’s Berry Ice cream, wearing this again has really made me remember the good times of last summer and I can’t wait until the sunshine arrives back here in England!

Do you love a purple polish? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I adore MaxFactor fantasy fire too x



  3. These shades are lovely, perfect for Spring. I love the Model's Own one :)

  4. I really like the Barry M one too, I also did a NOTD of it on my blog :) The Models Own and Essie polishes also look really lovely! x

  5. I am a huge purple fan and I love the essie one. It is perfect for spring.


  6. Fantasy fire is my all time favourite nail polish..I just wish it was more opaque! xx

  7. I'm loving purple recently! The essie is perfect for spring and I adore the colour of Purple Mystique. Very deep and sexy :) x

  8. To buy or not to buy is the perfect lilac! x

  9. Love the Barry m one, Really pretty light purple! Lovely post hun.

    Pipp xx

  10. Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy is such a gorgeous shade! xx


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