Sunday, 23 December 2012

Charlie's Diary

Secret Santa ♥ Dinner with the Girls ♥ Quiet Night In ♥ Freezing! ♥ Cupcake ♥ Sushi Lunch ♥ Pre Christmas Party Drink ♥ Hangover Food ♥ Present Wrapping

Hi Guys! It's Christmas eve eve! Haha I think I'm more excited than a child I just love this time of year! Anyway here's a quick catch up with what I've been up to lately.

Firstly how cold has it been! I couldn't believe it when the dashboard said -2, apparently one morning my dad said it was -4! I know its winter and to be expected but I absolutely hate de-icing my car in the morning, I tend to cheat and use the kettle to save time.

Let’s move on to Christmas! My office needs no excuse to bring in treats, but you just can’t escape them at the minute. The best thing I had was the gorgeous chocolate cupcake, the gold balls fell off everywhere but it was delicious. I also got my Secret Santa present and received wine and a selection box…someone knows me pretty well!

Last weekend was my Christmas party and the Apple Sourz before we went didn't last long! My hangover the next day was awful but made a lot better with a chicken, bacon and cheese burger with curly fries!

I also went out for dinner with the girls in a cute little country pub and had a steak which was to die for, medium rare with peppercorn sauce, yes please!

Also this week I finished my shopping and wrapped all my presents so I’m all prepared for the big day.
Tonight me and my friends are going out for ‘Pudding Club’, which is amazing as it sounds we go out somewhere specifically for a gossip and something sweet. Then I’m off round my boyfriends to get in my pyjamas and snuggle in front of the tv, we have already watched the last episode of Homeland but we might just watch it again. The best thing is a lie in tomorrow, I love being off work!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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  1. That burger looks amazing, have a good xmas x

  2. all the food looks yummy!! xx


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