Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Nails: A bit of Sparkle

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Elizabeth Street and Rose Quatz Glitter

I might sound like a stereotypical girl here but I love pink and I love glitter so this combination is absolutely perfect for me.

I picked up Elizabeth Street by Nails Inc while it was free with Glamour magazine. Ive never used Nails Inc before as they usually retail at about £11 which I never really thought that I could justify so to pick this up for just £2 is an amazing saving.

I used two coats of Elizabeth Street to get it opaque and I am SO impressed with the staying power I think it was day 4/5 when it started to chip which I thought was a miracle seeing as mine are usually off within 2 days. If the rest of the Nails Inc Polishes have the same staying power as this then i would definitely but another one.

Rose Quartz Glitter by Barry M has to be one of my favourite nail polishes I've ever had. I won this in andpeaches giveaway and as soon as I opened the parcel I was just like WOW. The glitter looks a bit like crystals which add a real touch of glamour, I have named these my Princess nails as they make me feel like I'm a princess haha is that sad? I just love looking at them and have had so many complements on them. If your a fan of glitter polish or are looking for something to glam up your look then this is the one! Barry M nail polishes are usually £2.99 so you really can't go wrong.

What do you think? Are you a fan of  adding a bit of glitter?


  1. Gorgeous! Love a bit of glitter :)

  2. The nails inc polish is lovely. regret not picking that up. x

  3. Looks so cute! xx

  4. Love this Charlie :) I need that Barry M polish x

  5. I love glitter and that Barry M one looks amazing! x

  6. gorgeous! Love the look of the barry m one x

  7. The glitter is so beautiful. x

  8. They look fab, i'm a fan of the ring finger accent and the Barry M polish looks AMAZING! i need that in my life!
    Anna x


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