Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Charlie's Diary

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Hi Ladies, Today I thought it was about time for a bit of a catch up and showed you a few of my Instagram Photos. I've had quite a lot going on this last month but there is always room to find time for food and wine.

We had our first dinner party in our new pad and what was supposed to be a civilised affair resulted in us polishing of about 12 bottles! Obviously this was the cause of  my pounding headache the next morning and I find the best way to cure a hangover is with food. Randomly, my hangover craving was for smoked salmon so I had that with scrambled eggs and spinach on toast and it worked a treat.

My Boyfriend surprised me with flowers at the weekend which was absolutely lovely and really cheered up my awful day. Funny how every time I mentioned that he got me some flowers everyone said 'Why, what has he done?', which really made me laugh, surely romance isn't dead?

I am Loving my new Panda print Pyjamas which I picked up on a Primark trip, they are so cute and for £5 I just couldn't resist.

How good does that chocolate fudge cake look!? I'm not usually a pudding person give me savoury any day,  but on Sunday evening I met up with a couple of the girls for a catch up we had all already eaten dinner so our dessert was justified. Was such a relaxing way to spend our Sunday evening,

I was lucky enough to win the Vaseline Pink Bubbly in a giveaway over on the lovely Kelly Marie's Blog andpeaches (go check it out now) and I have been using it since it arrived. Its amazing how a bit of glamour can make Vaseline so much more exciting. I've also just painted my Nails with the polish she sent me too so expect a post on that soon because they look amazing!

Apart from that it's just been the usual working everyday, woke up thinking it was Wednesday this morning what a wounder. I cant wait to have some time off at Christmas and just relax. I've just got a Couple more presents to buy then I can just enjoy Christmas and indulge in a mulled wine or two.

What have you been up to latley?

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  1. That cake looks delicious. You know what they say, what's a dinner party without 12 bottles of wine? ;) x

  2. Your photos look so cozy! Yes, I'm on instagram too. It's the same name as my blog. I'm going to follow you on instagram now. If you're interested, I have a Longchamp bag giveaway. Check it out.

    xo Jo


  3. 12 bottles of booze Charlie - I would have passed out! Funny how we all crave different hangover food - would have to be pure greasy egg, bacon and sausages for me with maybe mushroom and tomato! Your flowers are gorgeous and I'm now going to dream of that chocolate pudding! xx

    1. I was the first one in bed lol just cant hack it! o now ni want a bacon and egg sarnie! xx


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