Friday, 5 July 2013

I Heart...Lindsey Kelk

Before I went on holiday last year I asked on Twitter if anyone could recommend any fun easy reading books as while I'm sunning myself I like to relax with a good book that isn't too hard hitting.

So many lovely ladies were quick to reply saying I must read ‘I Heart New York’, it’s not often bloggers steer me wrong so of course I gave it ago. I started reading this about 2 weeks before my holiday and I think by chapter 4 I had already ordered the next 2 in the series.

Now I don’t want to ruin the book for you but it pretty much involves a girl, her blog, New York and a hell of a lot of shopping, a combination that most girls dream about.

It’s one of those books that are just really uplifting with parts that make you smile and situations you can relate to, I love the fact that I wanted to be best friends with the characters I kept thinking “I want to run away to New York!”

My blog is not quite as glamorous as the main characters though, I can only wish I was writing this while looking out at the New York skyline sitting next to a beautiful Marc Jacobs handbag, as usual I'm sitting here with a cup of tea in my pyjamas and a hoody (I'm sorry if I've just ruined the illusion of me!)

I am going on holiday in a few weeks so thought this is the perfect excuse to pick up the rest of the series so I can read them on the plane and while I'm relaxing.

If you’re after a girly read about handbags and clothes that we can only dream of then these books are for you.

Have you read any of these? What books would you recommend to take on holiday?


  1. I ADORE these books. I started reading them when they first came out and read I heart London when I was on holiday 3 weeks ago, finished it in 2 days. They are the best light hearted funny books ever! She writes so well and definitely amazing books to read when you're down. I cried so much during I Heart Vegas haha.

    Great post!!! xxxx

  2. I love this series. I have read them all, and I couldn't put them down when I was reading them. x

  3. My friend has passed on a couple of these to me but unfortunately it's the middle ones so I'll need to get the first ones before I can start! I look forward to reading them though! xx

  4. I've read all of these books and I love them too! They're great reads for when I go to bed and don't want to concentrate too hard! xx

  5. I love these books as well. I've just ordered her latest book, (not in the I heart series) called About a girl, and I believe her new I heart book will be out later this year! x

  6. I've read all of these now, they're so good! Running away to New York to blog is my dream haha xx

  7. I havent read any of them, but everyone keeps saying they are great xx


  8. I loved these books! They're a great read, I couldn't put them down

    Stacey x

  9. I have these but I haven't actually read them yet, I might have to give them a go after reading this! xo

  10. I have to get my hands in these books! Think they are perfect for me and for when I'm going camping!
    Great post :)

  11. ah I LOVE these books too!! I actually picked I heart new york up for a pound in tesco when I was looking for something new to read, and got so hooked I had to get the rest!! haha xx

  12. I love these books. Im just finishing the London one now- Lindsey Kelk has just released another book, not in the series though, called about a girl. And theres I heart christmas coming out this year. I love her books.

  13. I have just come home from my girls holiday and have been reading I heart New York and loved it!

  14. I love these books I am on to reading the I heart Vegas one now and I must admit I couldn't put the first three books down so I hope the rest don't let me down.

    Charlotte x

  15. I love these books and think the tips about each city at the end are fab!
    If you like these I definately recommend Sophie Kinsella book, esp the Shopaholic series :) xo

    1. oo thank you i will have a look for these books next! xx


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