Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Nails: Essie, Sweet Talker

Sweet Talker 

A couple of months ago from I purchase a lot of Essie polish from Fragrance Direct for the amazing price of £1.99 and some of them I just  haven’t got round to using.

 However now the sun is now starting to make an appearance Sweet Talker by Essie jumped straight to the top of my pack.

Sweet Talker is a gorgeous creamy pastel blue shade which also contains a hint of silver shimmer;. I don’t really think the photos do this colour justice, it gives of a lovely shine in the sun light.

The first coat I applied went a bit streaky but it all came together in the second coat. I must say this isn't my best nail paint job, I was in a bit of a rush when applying so I'm definitely pleased there was no streakage and it dried super quick.

Another great colour from Essie, what's your favourite Essie shade??

There are still colours available on Fragrance Direct if you fancy treating yourself? 


  1. I made an order of Essie polishes from Fragrance Direct too and I love them. I went for Mojito Madness and Cascade Cool but I should have gotten this as well because it's gorgeous! x

    1. cascade cool is one of my faves too :) xx

  2. So pretty cos its a pastel colour with a shimmer!lovely,:)

  3. Gorgeous colour, everyone seems to use essie now, need to check it out.



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